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Jacques Smythe by FoxOfTwilight

Chibi Smythe by FoxOfTwilight

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Jacques Smythe_Connoisseur by FoxOfTwilight

Connoisseur | art by FoxOfTwilight

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More to Come. The first thirty-one chapters of Lord Mettlebright’s Man came courtesy #Inktober. I posted chapters based on the official prompt list for 2018. But now that we’ve reached November, it’s time to turn my attention to #NaNoWriMo. Jacques will be lulling for the duration, but I’m interested in collecting prompts for the next update burst. Here’s my challenge. Suggest a prompt—either a word or a phrase. I’ll choose my favorites and post the resulting list in advance, in case you’d like to drabble (or drawble) along next time I do a round.

Comment with…

  • Your prompt. You can suggest more than one, be it word or phrase.
  • Your name. Because I will credit your prompt! ::twinkle::

Amaranthine Serial, Lord Mettlebright's Man by FORTHRIGHT

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