ART: Consort Call

Puppies vs. Kitties. I held a poll over on Patreon, then again on Twitter, offering readers the chance to decide which they wanted in time for Christmas. In both places, kitties won the day, and so I bring you another illustration of cast members from Bk6. On the off chance that those here haven’t yet found the time to indulge in Bk6, I’ll keep the full illustration under a cut.

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ART: Brotherhood

Found Family. Argent Mettlebright has become an advocate for the rights of all crossers, offering them a safe haven at Stately House. But dragon crossers command a special place in his regard, largely thanks to Kyrie.

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Every child of the Rogue, no matter how wretched the circumstances of their begetting, was a precious life. Yet they’d been born bereft. Orphaned. Unwanted. Exploited.
Tsumiko wanted them. And now that Kyrie knew, he was urgently, tenaciously insistent. The boy could not, would not leave them be. They were his kindred. No, Kyrie counted them even dearer. He wanted Argent to find his brothers and sisters. And to bring them home.

Pimiko and the Uncharted Island

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Keeping the full illustration under wraps, since I know some of you haven’t been able to finish Bk6 … and I do have an unholy dread of spoilers. But I did want to announce that this art (and an original story snippet) will be featured on December’s Quarterly Art Card for my patrons. More about my Patreon on this page >>

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here there be dragons (and spoilers)

ART: The Doctor Will See You Now

Trulore Clinic. We’re a month past the release of Pimiko and the Uncharted Island, so I’m going to begin sharing some of the art FoxOfTwilight created for the book. To be extra-safe (so as not to spoiler those of you who haven’t been able to read), I’ll keep the full art under a cut.

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“There is a dragon.”
“I knew it!” Boon pounded against the barrier, dragging his claws over its unrelenting surface. “I knew I was close.”
“Yes, yes, yes. Argent wants them, too.” Inti wearily chanted, “Dragon, dragon, dragons.”

Pimiko and the Uncharted Island

here there be dragons (and spoilers)

New Pattern

She Sells Sea Shells. We’ve added a new pattern to the Twinkle Press storefronts over on Threadless and TeePublic. You can get the Pimiko seashell pattern on items ranging from totes and masks to journals and note cards. Be sure to watch for sales right on through the holidays if you want to build your Amaranthine collection. ::twinkle::

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ART: Bloom for You

Hajime and Naoki. We first meet this duo in Flattered by Flowers (Songs of the Amaranthine, #8). Naoki is a bookseller in the city of Keishi, and he befriended Junpei, who became a regular at his shop. Only after a bit of tanuki mischief did Junpei realize that Naoki wasn’t alone.

“Tell me what you see,” Naoki prompted, his expression guarded.
Meeting a red-eyed gaze, Junpei offered a respectful nod. “I see another man with long, black hair and a lavish crown of red flowers. You are similar to Kusunoki, but Matsu’s friend has more height and girth and wears hakama.”
With a heavy sigh, Naoki said, “Junpei, meet my longtime companion, Hajime.”

Flattered by Flowers
Songs of the Amaranthine, #8

Bloom for You | art by FoxOfTwilight

November’s Monthly Mailing. Qualifying patrons will be receiving “Bloom for You” art cards this month. They’re large & lovely (4×9″). If you’d like to get in on mailings like this, consider supporting my storytelling over there. I’ll do my best to spoil you. ::twinkle::

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Release Day!

Release Day • October 22, 2022

He leads an elite taskforce. She did, too. On television. 

After the finale of her dazzlingly successful television drama, Pim Moonprowl packs her bags and books passage to a secretive resort that makes alluring claims. She’ll pay anything, promise anything, do anything to find out if they’re true. On an island that’s not on maps, Pim encounters a silver-tongued doctor, a kindred soul, a caged star, and a clever monkey. This is her big chance to put into practice the skills she gained from eight seasons on an elite taskforce.

Boon can almost taste his prey, he’s that close. If only he hadn’t run up against a barrier in the middle of the ocean. He puts out a call and calls in a favor. There’s a plan in place, and reinforcements are en route, but Boon is restless to run the Rogue to ground. Taking a risk—definitely his style—lands him with a couple of responsibilities he really didn’t need, and both of them are female.

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Worth Mentioning. You can enjoy the whole Amaranthine Saga in audio! The narrated edition is read by Travis Baldree:

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If you’ve already begun reading, hold onto your comments and put them on the Squee Post. (I want this thread to remain spoiler free.)


ART: Seafaring

Release Eve. Tomorrow is release day for Pimiko and the Uncharted Island (Amaranthine Saga, #6), but since the digital edition will no-doubt begin showing up on e-readers this evening (in my timezone), I’m kicking off the festivities early with new art!

Seafaring | art by FoxOfTwilight

Boonmar-fen first shows up in Bk2. He’s one of Adoona-soh Elderbough’s boys. Boon has his mom’s eyes, but his hair/fur color comes from his dad (Ninook-dex hails from the Trebellaire pack). Boon and Merit Starmark (Harmonious’s eldest son) go way back. They’re childhood friends. And of course, Boon is leader of the elite taskforce to which Juuyu, Sinder, Moon, Colt, and Hallow belong. This wolf’s a real casual guy. Easygoing in a way that doesn’t fool Tenma for a second:

. . .

For the first time, Tenma could appreciate the fact that for all their impressive physique, Hanoo, Yoota, and Ploom were adolescents. Adult wolves carried more muscle, and this one radiated a more primal quality of wildness. Maybe because the Nightspangles were city boys, and this wolf had none of their ability to blend in.
The wolf’s tail swayed the way Hanoo’s did when pleased, which Tenma took for a good sign. He touched palms with the wolf, but words failed him.
Eloquence smoothly handled things. “Boon, this is my classmate from New Saga, Tenma Subaru. Tenma, this is Boonmar-fen Elderbough, a formidable tracker and a friend of our clan.”
“M-may I ask about your name?”
“Sure, kid. That’s real nice and proper of you. And I don’t mind going through the formalities if Merit don’t.”
“Doesn’t,” sighed Merit. “Who taught you Japanese?”
The wolf reeled vaguely with his hands. “Island enclave. South Pacific. I’ll admit he was sketchy, but it was all he had to trade.”
“You traded language lessons for …?” prompted Quen.
Boon crouched, arms outspread. “More like surfing lessons, but he liked to talk, so I picked things up pretty quick.”
Quen huffed. “So you traded surfing lessons for …?”
“Oooh, you know how it is.” Boon waved off the question. “The less said about some things, the better.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
Amaranthine Saga, #2

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Close and Closer

Release Day is October 22. But for those of us who pre-ordered Pimiko and the Uncharted Island on Amazon, the book will likely turn up on our e-readers tomorrow evening. (Mine usually shows up between 9-10pm on Release Eve.) I’ll prep all the usual announcement & squee posts tomorrow, then schedule them. (There’s new art in the offing, too!) In the meantime, here’s another tiny teaser. Pim Moonprowl’s first scene:

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Release Day: October 22, 2022

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