ART: Seafaring

Release Eve. Tomorrow is release day for Pimiko and the Uncharted Island (Amaranthine Saga, #6), but since the digital edition will no-doubt begin showing up on e-readers this evening (in my timezone), I’m kicking off the festivities early with new art!

Seafaring | art by FoxOfTwilight

Boonmar-fen first shows up in Bk2. He’s one of Adoona-soh Elderbough’s boys. Boon has his mom’s eyes, but his hair/fur color comes from his dad (Ninook-dex hails from the Trebellaire pack). Boon and Merit Starmark (Harmonious’s eldest son) go way back. They’re childhood friends. And of course, Boon is leader of the elite taskforce to which Juuyu, Sinder, Moon, Colt, and Hallow belong. This wolf’s a real casual guy. Easygoing in a way that doesn’t fool Tenma for a second:

. . .

For the first time, Tenma could appreciate the fact that for all their impressive physique, Hanoo, Yoota, and Ploom were adolescents. Adult wolves carried more muscle, and this one radiated a more primal quality of wildness. Maybe because the Nightspangles were city boys, and this wolf had none of their ability to blend in.
The wolf’s tail swayed the way Hanoo’s did when pleased, which Tenma took for a good sign. He touched palms with the wolf, but words failed him.
Eloquence smoothly handled things. “Boon, this is my classmate from New Saga, Tenma Subaru. Tenma, this is Boonmar-fen Elderbough, a formidable tracker and a friend of our clan.”
“M-may I ask about your name?”
“Sure, kid. That’s real nice and proper of you. And I don’t mind going through the formalities if Merit don’t.”
“Doesn’t,” sighed Merit. “Who taught you Japanese?”
The wolf reeled vaguely with his hands. “Island enclave. South Pacific. I’ll admit he was sketchy, but it was all he had to trade.”
“You traded language lessons for …?” prompted Quen.
Boon crouched, arms outspread. “More like surfing lessons, but he liked to talk, so I picked things up pretty quick.”
Quen huffed. “So you traded surfing lessons for …?”
“Oooh, you know how it is.” Boon waved off the question. “The less said about some things, the better.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
Amaranthine Saga, #2

. . .

If you’re paying attention to little details, Boon recurs briefly in Bk3 during the founding of the Reaverson enclave, but by Bk4, he’s gone. “Off the grid,” according to Sinder. In Bk5, Akira is preparing to help Boon somehow, since the wolf called in his favor (that also happened in Bk2). With Pimiko and the Uncharted Island, you’ll finally find out where Boon ended up.

Not too late to pre-order your copy! Amazon (US Storefront) and Audio (narrated by Travis Baldree)

Official release day & squee posts will be scheduled for late tonight (in my timezone). Hold onto your hats (and any spoilers) until then. ::twinkle::

Closer Crop:

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