January Mailing

Incentives Abound. After a week’s delay (printer error required a re-order), I’m pulling together January’s monthly mailing for my patrons. Here’s a small teaser because many of this year’s art cards will include story snippets. This one goes along with the art “Warm Enough?” There are a few days left in the month. Join at the appropriate tier, and you’ll have nice mail next week! ::twinkle::

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Lunar New Year

Year of the Rabbit. As per tradition (this is the third year), I’ll be doing a Lunar New Year mailing for my patrons. Red envelopes and lucky coins have been secured, as have the USPS’s special stamps. One of the reasons I like to make a fuss is because the lunar new year coincides with the Emergence in the Amaranthine Saga (wolves, you know).

This mailing will go out in February and will be available to patrons starting at the Twinkle Tier. Automatic inclusion in this (and other) mailings kicks in at the Sparkle tier. You can look over your options here >>

Another reason I’m so pleased that it’s the Year of the Rabbit involves Bard & Barbarian. Along the way, Imber (my main character) has picked up five summons that we affectionately refer to as his “rabbity boys.” Look forward to chibi art & a guide to telling apart the Springheel crew! Here’s a teaser:

Lorem is such a sweetheart. ::twinkle::

Thank you for supporting me wherever my stories are found!

ART: Warm Enough?

January’s Art Card. One of my “resolutions” for the new year involves my Patreon. I send out monthly mailings to thank supporters. In the past, I’d choose note cards or stationary that suited my mood for the month. This year, with my mailing list growing steadily, I’ve made the commitment to have cards printed every month. They’ll feature story-related art, book covers, etc. And most will incorporate book quotes or (like this month) an original story snippet.

For January, I wanted something in-character and cozy, so this month’s art card/story will feature two of the Five, longtime friends Harmonious Starmark & Lapis Mossberne. Teaser here. The full illustration is under the cut, so click for more! ::twinkle::