LMM: Goals

Eight Hundred. If I were to carefully spin out Lord Mettlebright’s Man so that it reaches 800 chapters, it would be the perfect length to create a print edition. These drabbles may well become your eyes on behind-the-scenes events at Stately House (or at least those that interest Jacques) over the course of the main series. Expect future time skips as our brazen butler tries to keep up.


Fandom Anniversary

Est. 2006. My first foray into fiction writing happened (rather appropriately) with a drabble. Posted to fanfiction.net on this day thirteen years ago, My Hero! makes today a milestone day. I count it as my fandom anniversary. Over the years, I’ve made it my tradition to kick off or update stories on this day.

Just for You by lila-me

Forthright by lila-me

Planning to post fun stuff today.
Just me goofin’ off. Same as always.

Play fair. Have fun. Be nice.

Scroll, scroll, scroll…

Since it’s become a bit buried and many of you are only now reading/finishing Tamiko and the Two Janitors, I’ll point you to the post where you can compare notes, speculate, and generally squee.


Also, don’t forget we have a twofold Photo Challenge running for the month of August. I have a handful of entries already. Keep them coming! ::twinkle::


Camp NaNoWriMo. I kept my goal low (just 20,000 words) because book releases have a way of eating up my usual writing routines. But I persevered and validated a win. Give me a couple more weeks, and I may be able to set a release date for the third Songs of the Amaranthine story. ::twinkle::


Already Restocking

Signed Books. I have another stack of books ready to bring to the post office this afternoon. This shipment just about cleaned me out! (Good problem to have.) Restock order has already been placed with the printer. And hey, if you want to sneak into this batch, I do still have 2-3 books on hand. More about how to secure one is on the SIGNED BOOKS page >>



Anime Me. A friend referred me to a site where you can make your own anime character and/or persona. Although nothing is in English, navigation is pretty intuitive. I had fun making a forth-sona. Who else wants to give it a try? LINK >>


My default bun wasn’t an option, so the hair’s down for once. (Do people even wear overalls anymore?) ::twinkle::

All the Things, All the Places

All Systems Go. Details are my delight (even when they stage an ambush). I’m slouching in to report that ALL the things have been variously uploaded to, implemented at, and ordered from ALL the places. Tamiko is at the printer. The rubber stamp for this book’s personal touch is ordered. New address labels are on the way, as is assorted swag. Oh, and I had to buy BIGGER blue mailers for readers who are already asking me to ship signed books in multiples greater than two. Travis has the manuscript and a run-down of the cast’s personality profiles so he can begin narration. (He sent me audio samples last night, and I may have been grinning foolishly throughout my listen.)


And because I know you want to ask…

  • Print editions should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual bookstores this week. Nope, I don’t know exactly when. Processing varies.
  • Ebooks should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual bookstores (other than Amazon, where it’s been available for ages) within the next few days. Again, I don’t have any way of knowing when. This stuff’s mostly automated.
  • Yes, I’ll be picking up my fanfics again. Mood Stripes and Savvy will be back this week.
  • If you’ve already placed your order with me for a signed copy of Tamiko and the Two Janitors, I’ll be getting back to you in the next day or two to answer questions and confirm your orders.
  • According to tradition, I’ve revealed the title and summary of Bk4 at the end of the print edition. Will you peek ahead or won’t you? (I’m strictly a no-peeking reader m’self.)
  • And because I really never stop … I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, working up the next Songs of the Amaranthine short story, which I’d like to release later this fall.


Will you still finish Unexpected, even though you’re publishing Tamiko and the Two Janitors?

Oh, I’ll have to. Unexpected (my InuYasha AU featuring Kagome as an elementary school principal and Inuyasha & Shippo as janitors) is a VERY different story from the third book in the Amaranthine Saga. I definitely borrowed a few details. And then I may have borrowed a few other details. But the finished book serves the Saga. Fandom will have to wait its turn (but it will get one).




I’ve been scarce, and you can blame the janitors. Culminating plots have a way of banishing all else from my mind. Apologies to those who’re waiting on this or that. As always, I’m grateful for your patience. And while I have you here, a couple of questions keep cropping up in my inbox:

When will Tamiko and the Two Janitors print editions be available for pre-order?
For the general marketplace (online orders from online bookstores), I don’t have an exact date. Too many variables that are out of my control. However, if you’re holding out for a signed copy, I will begin accepting orders on July 1, 2019.

When will Tamiko and the Two Janitors ebooks be available from anywhere besides Amazon?
Again, I don’t have an exact date. All versions in all venues will probably begin showing up in late June. I will keep you posted. (Note: Following an author on Amazon or on Goodreads will often result in email notifications about upcoming or newly releasing titles. Nice, huh?)

Forthright on Goodreads >>