The best part of making tonkatsu…

…is being able to fix katsudon for breakfast.  For the uninitiated, tonkatsu = fried pork cutlets. And katsudon involves simmering slices of katsu with onions, mirin, and soy sauce in a small pan, then drizzling the lot with egg before sliding it over a bowl of hot rice. In Japan, the dish is often made to bring good luck because the word katsu means “win.” (In anime, it’s the go-to meal for students with a test/competition on the morrow.) Fangirls may recall katsudon having a prominent place in Yuri on Ice!

Katsudon, 01.20

Comfort Zone

Plans for 2020. Some of my plans for the New Year will have me tiptoeing along the borders of my comfort zone. Good things, I assure you. Just … well, you know how most writers are. Bookish, skittish creatures who freeze like rabbits whenever someone other stumbles into their natural habitat. But I shall embrace my inner Duntuffet and make a merry mess of things. It’ll be fun.

One such plan is to out myself as a DnD player (there, that was easy) and perhaps introduce you to a couple of fellows who have become so dear to me that our DM has been threatened (on multiple occasions) not to contribute to their demise … lest I rage-quit the campaign and ensure their immortality by giving them a book. Nay, a SAGA of their own. (He just laughs and says, “roll for initiative.”)

So … anyone else dabble with DnD? And does anyone want to bravely guess the classes/races of my two boys? ::twinkle::


This time of year, there are plenty of distractions that keep me from sticking to my usual writing schedule + daily quota. Despite my best intentions. Even though I know better. For instance … I never should have loaded Pokemon Shield onto my shiny new Nintendo Switch Lite.

… but I’m having fun?

Maybe if I write drabbles between routes, I can justify this as … incentivization!


So … I was linked to Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal fanart earlier today (go see!) which somehow led to my setting up a Patreon account. How else was I supposed to like & comment, y’know? But the upshot is … I now have a Patreon account. Looks to me like most people use it to reward their supporters with exclusive content. Which is a little brain-breaky for someone who’s used to luring in followers with free content.

But lets play around with some ideas here.

  • Do you have a Patreon account? What do you use it for?
  • Are you a patron on Patreon? Why did you become a supporter?
  • Aside from bribing me to finish my fanfics, how might I put Patreon to use?
  • What kind of “exclusive content” would make this worth my time & your money?

I mean … I can just keep doing what I’m doing, and you support me plenty by buying, reading, rating, reviewing, and recommending my original stories. #IfItAintBroke #BeFree

Oh, hey, maybe I should just support artists like Aviva who are kind enough to create art of my characters. #WouldntComplain #BringItOn

What do you think I should do?

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LMM: Goals

Eight Hundred. If I were to carefully spin out Lord Mettlebright’s Man so that it reaches 800 chapters, it would be the perfect length to create a print edition. These drabbles may well become your eyes on behind-the-scenes events at Stately House (or at least those that interest Jacques) over the course of the main series. Expect future time skips as our brazen butler tries to keep up.


Fandom Anniversary

Est. 2006. My first foray into fiction writing happened (rather appropriately) with a drabble. Posted to on this day thirteen years ago, My Hero! makes today a milestone day. I count it as my fandom anniversary. Over the years, I’ve made it my tradition to kick off or update stories on this day.

Just for You by lila-me

Forthright by lila-me

Planning to post fun stuff today.
Just me goofin’ off. Same as always.

Play fair. Have fun. Be nice.

Scroll, scroll, scroll…

Since it’s become a bit buried and many of you are only now reading/finishing Tamiko and the Two Janitors, I’ll point you to the post where you can compare notes, speculate, and generally squee.


Also, don’t forget we have a twofold Photo Challenge running for the month of August. I have a handful of entries already. Keep them coming! ::twinkle::