narrated by Travis Baldree
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Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox – February 26, 2019
Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal – March 19, 2019

Always and Ever by FoxOfTwilight

Always & Ever by FoxOfTwilight
a.k.a. “Headphones Challenged”

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I’m collecting prompts for the fandom stories currently underway. Add to my options:

Mood Stripes | Savvy | Lord Mettlebright’s Man

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Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
(Amaranthine Saga, #2) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Tamiko and the Two Janitors (Amaranthine Saga, #3) – JULY 22, 2019
Marked by Stars (Songs of the Amaranthine, #1) – NOW AVAILABLE!

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Collecting Pins

Enamel Pins. For someone like me, traditions just sort of start, seemingly all on their own. One thing leads to another thing, and suddenly, it’s a Thing. A good example is a recent gift from the same person who bought me a forget-me-not pin to celebrate Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. I now have a lovely chrysanthemum pin to mark the publication of Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal. ::twinkle::

Chrysanthemum Pin

And of course, I’m now seriously tempted to have my own pins made for the series.


Fangirl at the Grocery Store

Not on the List. When fans shop, seemingly random items can make their way into the cart for no better reason than … squee factor. Case in point: on a recent stroll through the international aisle at a local grocery store, a line of fancy-schmancy pasta caught my eye. But it was the name for this particular variety that secured a purchase.


Arcobaleno = Rainbow
…but to this fangirl, Arcobaleno = Reborn!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is a one of those long-running shonen series with the sort of running jokes that I associate with gag anime. Everyone has their schtick and their catchphrases, so the entire character introduction phase (more than thirty episodes) gets a little … repetitive. But Akira Amano is laying the groundwork that becomes the foundation for an amazing storyline. It’s such a favorite of mine that even though the anime is more than 200 episodes long, I’ve watched it all the way through three times. (No surprise, since it encompasses some of my favorite themes: friendship, kinship, and mentorship.)

Have you ever bought a random thing for its fandom significance?

Green Snacks

Kimiko and Lonely God-edits

Still staying on top of my #NaNaWriMo goals, so let’s have another snack. Couldn’t resist the little angel dude on LONELY GOD Potato Twists – Seaweed Flavor. And a melon ramune, which is the flavor I reach for if Blue Hawaii isn’t available (it usually isn’t). Japanese melon flavor is sort of … honeydew (hence the green), although some brands remind me of cantaloupe.

Steamed Buns

Steamed Taro Buns


Mr. Fujiwara beckoned her over to the window at the front of his shop and its brightly-lit glass case. Making a big show of looking both ways, he passed her a steamed bun.

“Are you sure?” she asked. The glossy white bread was hot against her palm.

Mr. Fujiwara pointed knowingly at the bags looped over her arms. “Sweets aren’t strength, and you’ll be needing yours.”

“Thank you!” Kimiko broke the bun in half, releasing a fragrant cloud of steam.

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

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Hot Stuff. Steamed buns are wonderful because they’re hot. This time of year, I like to indulge because the barbeque pork buns from the local Korean market’s take-away counter are just the right size to wrap two hands around. Varieties range through savory and sweet flavors. I’ve tried the classic barbeque pork, ginger pork, chicken and vegetable, and a breakfast version with sausage and egg. Sweet versions usually involve red bean or mung bean, and seasonal fillings like chestnut or (as shown in the photo above) taro.  Both the bread and the creamy filling in these buns are tinted lavender. Bold snacking, indeed! (And pretty alongside green tea.)

Happy Is Yummy

Lavender Snacks. Settling in with my NaNoWriMo project, but not before I share another snack. For the uninitiated, taro is a root that can be used in similar ways to potatoes … except not quite. I’ve used it in soups and hearty stews, and it can be mashed and sweetened to create fillings for puffs or fried sesame balls (much like red bean paste or mung bean paste). You can also order taro-flavored boba tea. In the Japanese color-code for foods, taro-flavored items are lavender.

Kimiko and Taro Chips-edits

Snack Habits

Iconic Snacks. In honor of Kimiko and in anticipation of NaNoWriMo’s month-long writing extravaganza, I raided several markets with an eye toward adventurous snacking. Let’s start with two of the most iconic snacks, both of which can sometimes be found in your grocery store’s international aisle.

Kimiko, Pocky and Ramune-edits

Pocky & Ramune



Itadakimasu! I live in an area with plenty of Asian markets and restaurants. Tried a new place last week and snapped a photo of my lunch. Ramen served in an iron pot—shouyo broth, soba noodles, poached egg, fish cakes. There was also tempura shrimp to slide on top. Yummm!

Legit Ramen

Already plotting to go back. I need to sample more items on their menu!