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Those wanting signed books now have TWO payment options. You can continue to send me funds with an Amazon Gift Card (which I solemnly swear to immediately squander on books/manga) or you can send money to my new Twinkle Press account on PayPal. Either way, use the always dot forthright at gmail dot com email address. Options—you have them!

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Favorite Character Bingo

I’ve seen these character boards floating around and decided to do one of my own. Although the original intent seems to be favorite characters (as in one person), I usually gravitate to duos and trios. You all know I ship around, but my favorite ships are very often about kinship or friendship or mentorship. (Though I have a definite fondness for loners.) Behold!

forthright's anime favorites BINGO

The gist of the game: if you also love a character, you cover the square. Five-in-a-row in any direction gives you a bingo. How many can you get? Impress me! And link me to your bingo boards if you’re making one of your own. ::twinkle::

Always Forthright

Just back from the post office, where a batch of signed books was sent off to new homes. (Thank you for your support!) Funny thing. The USPS is particular about details, so when I send books internationally, FORTHRIGHT needs a first name. It has to go in the computer system to be legit. So according to the postal service, forthy’s first name is AL. Short for Always.

“I have a book for you.”

So this stuff really happens? Earlier today, a reader (that’d be Brooke) nudged me with a link to this blog post, in which Ilona Andrews reviews a book that was recommended to her (that’d be by Brooke). The book … Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1). And Ilona … a bestselling author with a large following & my new hero. Because in a matter of twelve hours, THIS happened.

7-23-2018 10-10-26 PM.png


So this is what it’s like to climb the Kindle sales charts! Tsumiko is doing well in categories like Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal, and (go figure) Werewolves & Shifters. Needless to say, it’s been an exciting day, and I’m grateful to everyone who took a risk on a new-to-them author. And, of course…

Thank you, Brooke! Thank you, Ilona!


Call for Prompts

This has been one of those off-kilter, vacation-type weeks when one loses track of what day it is. That is my ONLY excuse for not posting a Mood Stripes chapter this morning. (It’s been written since last week.) That’ll be up shortly.

In the meantime, I’m thinking it’d be spiffy to have a fresh burst of prompts. Sure, I still have plenty to choose from, it’ll be a while yet before I can smoothly work in mugwump, bafflegab, and forsooth. So chime in! Especially those of you who’ve been shy about contributing before. Inspire me! ::twinkle::

Prompt Post for Mood Stripes >>

That moment when an author wonders if she can rein in her bucking plotlines before the book exceeds a polite length. (Kimiko will definitely be longer than Tsumiko, durn these multiple perspectives!)

I haven’t forgotten…

This blog’s been lulling because I’ve been writing like crazy. Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal is culminating all over the place, with scenes coming thick and fast. “Write while the writing’s good!” I always say. Once I catch my breath, I’ll draw winners for the Review Challenge prizes. Honest.

Last Call: Review Challenge

Thank you to everyone who’s supported Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox by purchasing the book … then gone above-and-beyond by leaving a review. In a world where mystic algorithms define success, even a few lines from you would be a huge help.

Tomorrow (Jun 4, 2018, 11:59 p.m. PST) is the last day to take part in the Review Challenge, so if you haven’t yet reviewed Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox … please, do! And if you have reviewed and wish to be entered in the drawing for fabulous prizes, make sure you comment on the Review Challenge post … or drop me a quick email (always.forthright at gmail dot com). I don’t want to miss anyone with all those “sparkling nibs” on the line!


Lest there be any confusion…

I’d be sad if anyone felt slighted by the selection process for winners of the Photo Challenge. There weren’t any “winning photos” in the sense that I deemed anyone’s more … erm … photogenic. Names were chosen at random in a drawing of everyone who posted (or emailed) an entry.

And you have another chance! The deadline for entries in the Review Challenge is fast approaching (6/4).