Pokemon GO!

Let’s Be Friends. It worked so well the last time I asked that I’m going to do it again. Because one of the first challenges issued by Professor Willow this morning (for the new missions leading up to GOfest) was … make a new friend. Anybody else need a friend? ::twinkle::

Email me – always.forthright at gmail dot com – with your friends code!


Little Things. While working on today’s chapter, I’m treating myself to the LAST of my stash of kuro goma daifuku. This one looks rather well on a little plate I picked up at a Japanese variety store, which in turn looks rather well with the pajama pants I’m currently wearing. ::twinkle::

Kuro Goma, cats

For the uninitiated, “kuro” is black, and “goma” is sesame. They’re my personal favorite of the many varieties of daifuku, which are anko (red bean paste) filled mochi rolled in black sesame seeds. If your grocery store carries international foods, check the freezer section. They come in several varieties, including shiro goma (you can work that out, right?), green tea, and sakura.

I don’t usually post a lot of personal snapshots here on the blog. They’ve become one of those things I use Patreon for, so if you like these kinds of peeks into my habits, collections, and whims, consider becoming a patron. Glimmer tier starts at just $1/month. forthright on Patreon >>

Moth Clan

Dimityblest. One of my friends likes to surprise me with enamel pins that suit my stories. Each book in the Amaranthine Saga has a pin or two that fits. This wee giftie doesn’t fit a specific book, although the Dimityblest clan has been mentioned regularly enough to hint at how large a part they play in the day-to-day workings of the In-between. I find this moth clan’s soft gray-browns soothing.

Dimityblest Pin

Dimityblest Quotes:

Sansa brought cups of tea and took the seat beside Tsumiko’s. “The clan who makes our paper also trains scribes. Dimityblest craftsmanship is good, yes?” —Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox

Of the four Amaranthine who arrived with the caravan, the first to seek him out was from one of the moth clans. Linlu Dimityblest was lithe and soft-spoken, with short hair mottled in powdery shades of brown and cream. The irises of his large eyes were nearly the same color as his skin—cool as river clay and glossy with interest. —Marked by Stars

Urban enclaves were more daring, interacting to a greater degree with the surrounding human community. One enclave had become world-famous as chocolatiers, and she knew of a group of Dimityblest designers whose line of specialty papers could be found in any craft store. —Tamiko and the Two Janitors

Even in human guise, Lulu looked every inch a lady of the moth clans, with soft browns and creams in the subtle plaid of her skirts and the graceful drape of her short cape. —Governed by Whimsy

In the tradition of his clan, Yulin’s designation was scribe. Scribe Yulin Dimityblest, son of Linlu Dimityblest, one of Wardenclave’s less-famous founders. A moth. —Mikoto and the Reaver Village

Whoops! How did that sneak in?

Behind the Name

Argent. I often go with (what I consider) unimaginative names for my characters if I think they’ll provide a secure hook for readers. Argent is a good example of this. A silver fox whose name means silver? Perhaps trite, but it suited him.

002 argent

Since the release of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, I’ve fielded a few questions about Argent’s name. One was … why doesn’t he have a Japanese name? The answer to that is simple. He’s not from Japan. He landed there during his proving journey. In fact, his name is probably a mouthful for Tsumiko, who would likely pronounce his name AH-roo-GEN-toh. Reminder: Argent was named by his mother, Lady Estrella Mettlebright, whose long connection to the Silverprong clan suggests European origins. (But that’s another story.)


Behind the Scenes. I usually restock my books when my tidy piles dwindle to five copies left. I’m teetering on the edge with six copies remaining of multiple titles. So I feel like I’m sitting on a fence. Aaalmost there. Do you want to sneak in an order to tip the scales? ::twinkle::

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All prices are in US dollars. International orders are welcome, but you’ll need to cover shipping. More about the Galleries of Stone trilogy to be found on this post. Information on signed books in general on this page. All orders come with some sort of swag tucked between the pages. So! Who’s up for a book splurge?

Every Word Matters

Word Nerd. I love words. I was thinking it would be fun to do a series of graphics that celebrate some of the key words (and names) in the Saga & Songs. Stuff like this will probably start cropping up here and on my other social media:

001 amaranthine


I think it would also be fun to do a series with the different varieties of Ephemera. And maybe even one for clan names. Time will tell. ::twinkle::

Pokemon GO!

Let’s Be Friends. I first stumbled across Pokemon ages ago, and I’ve often referenced James (from Team Rocket) as my first anime crush. I first started playing Pokemon because my kids were really into it, and I wanted to share their excitement (and grasp the lingo they were throwing around). So I became a Pokemom and have kept up with new game releases ever since. In recent months, I (grudgingly) accepted the modern necessity that is a cell phone, though I stubbornly refer to it as a step counter & gaming device.

All that to say, I have a Pokemon GO! account and I’m looking to make friends. Yes, yes, I’m aware you can go onto sites where people randomly upload their friends codes. But I’d really rather be playing with people I know. It’s friendlier that way, and much like Michael, I get attached. So … do any of you play with pocket monsters? ::twinkle::

Email me – always.forthright at gmail dot com – with your friends code!

Taking Inventory


Next Mailing. I’m prepping another pile of books for shipment, so this would be a convenient time to lay claim to signed copies of any of my books. At the moment, all titles are in stock, though a few piles are getting low. Gonna have to restock soon. A fresh batch of address labels just came in, and I had to refresh some of my swag. Just some of the puttery things I take care of behind the scenes. ::twinkle::

Mikoto and the Reaver Village. I’m not quite ready to set a release date for the fourth book in the Amaranthine Saga. While it’s getting really close, I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep. (Real life stuff seems primed to interrupt my best intentions.) However, I did add the title to Goodreads this week. Shelve it!

Photo Challenge. I’ll do a more official post in the next week or so, but this is a heads up. I’ll be hosting another Amaranthine Photo Challenge. Many of you now have copies of Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology in hand, but I’m accepting creative snapshots of ANY of the Saga & Songs titles. Start staging those photo shoots. Fabulous prizes in the offing!

New and Updated. I added a Patreon tab to this blog, and I updated the Amaranthine Saga tab, which now includes sections for the 1) Amaranthine Saga, 2) Songs of the Amaranthine, and 3) Amaranthine Interludes. I hope you’ll find the assorted information helpful.

Taking Pride. I have a bad habit of revealing important information in comments. In case you missed my passing remark, I plan to post a new chapter of Lord Mettlebright’s Man every day in June. Because it’s something I want to do. Because I’m terribly fond of Jacques, and I suspect it will please him. Fun Fact: We’re actually synced calendar-wise with LMM, because Stately House is gearing up for Dichotomy Day. (This year, the summer solstice falls on June 20.)

Lion Dogs

Shishi. Before the necessary sequestering, I enjoyed many a foray into thrift stores and used bookstores. This pretty little tray caught my eye because I already had plans for a pair of lion-dogs in one of my stores. ::eyebrow waggle::

LIttle Things 008

Lion-dogs. Guardian lions. Imperial guardians. Foo dogs. They originated in China. You’ve probably seen them in the background of anime, during shrine/temple visits or trips to visit the family grave. They’re statuary protectors, sometimes stone, sometimes bronze. In Japan, the lion-dogs are generally referred to as komainu or as shishi.

The Personality Database

Personality Types. This has been floating around Twitter for a week or more, which everyone chiming in with the people/personalities/characters who share their Myers-Briggs profile. I tweeted this compilation, but I’ll put it here, too. Because it’s intriguing to see facets of yourself reflected in another’s soul (especially when you realize that there’s a reason certain characters are so easy to write).

I’m an INFJ, which means I am every wise mentor, kind soul, voice of reason, cryptic oracle, deep thinker, and bumbling genius in existence. Oh, and apparently, God.

Personality database, INFJ

This was fun. Check your own at The Personality Database website >>  … and please do share in comments if you’re especially flattered or flummoxed by your findings! ::twinkle::