Review Challenge

Finding the Words. Let’s do another challenge that will help create buzz for Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. There’s already a Photo Challenge underway (ends 4/22), and I’m loving the entries that have already turned up. This time, let’s focus on reviews. They’re a practical necessity for any author and quite possibly the BEST way any reader can lend their support.

Tsumiko orange

Guidelines. Let’s keep this as straightforward as possible. Review Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, and you’ll be entered into a drawing. Continue reading

Challenge Extension

Quick Update: inquiries through proper channels have come up with a baffling response from my printer. The only reason for Amazon’s delay in fulfilling your pre-orders is… Amazon. We’re at their whim and mercy, I’m afraid. Thank you for your continued patience. Their delay has me rejigging my schedule for our fun and games. And I’m issuing an extension for the Photo Challenge.

Tsumiko scrabble

More time to get creative! I’ve extended the Photo Challenge by another month, so you have until April 22, 2018 to take part. All the details here >>

Photo Challenge

Cameras Ready?! The best way to create buzz about a book release is to get readers involved. I have a few challenges lined up, and the first is simple. Take pictures for me! Snap a picture of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox when it arrives. Prop it up in your favorite reading spot. Snag a book-sniffing selfie. Showcase it with other blue books … with props from the story … with your mug of tea … with your pets … with your plushies … with character doodles … with a bowl of ramen. Get creative. Be enthusiastic. Impress me. Be elegant or silly. Make me smile. Because there will be fabulous prizes.  Continue reading