Photo Challenge

Button Splosion. Another quick nudge (because I really, really should get back to writing) toward the ongoing photo challenge. So many more entries came in this week, and I love your creativity. I’m always delighted when you pose my books with pets, and we’re about even … cats vs. dogs. Will you be entering? Hope so. There’s time! Pretty, pretty prizes (there will be a drawing) were revealed on this post >>

Governed by Whimsy, button collection

June 20 – August 20

  • Send me a link to your #bookstagram or blog post, pins, or pic-spam.
  • Tweet your pics using @ForthWrites, and I’ll retweet.
  • Email me your snapshots or leave them here in comments.
  • *DO* notify me via email. Unlike Hisoka-sensei, 4thy isn’t quite omniscient.

P.S. I snapped this pic. ::twinkle::

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