Happy Valentine’s Day

First and Last and Always. The Amaranthine Saga begins with Argent and Tsumiko, and later this year, when the final book in the main series releases, we’ll be right back at Stately House. Happy Valentine’s Day, reading friends! ::twinkle::

Bonded | art by FoxOfTwilight

January Mailing

Incentives Abound. After a week’s delay (printer error required a re-order), I’m pulling together January’s monthly mailing for my patrons. Here’s a small teaser because many of this year’s art cards will include story snippets. This one goes along with the art “Warm Enough?” There are a few days left in the month. Join at the appropriate tier, and you’ll have nice mail next week! ::twinkle::

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ART: Opal the Sage

Opulence Windlore. When this dragon clansman showed up for Bathed in Moonlight, it must have been a “confluence of destinies,” because he charmed his way into all my future plans for the Amaranthine Saga (and quite possibly a future Interlude). A song-writer and storyteller of some fame, he’s long-winded, high-handed, self-important, and often smug … yet somehow manages to be (as Sinder would put it) one of the good guys. Opal is due to recur in Bk7. ::twinkle::

. . .

Where are my manners?” Seyroo beckoned him closer. “Char, this good dragon is Opulence Windlore, widely known as Opal the Sage, a tale-bringer and lore-singer in high demand throughout the Widelands.”
“Charmed,” said the dragon, whose smile was winsome and wily.

Bathed in Moonlight
(Songs of the Amaranthine, #7)

Opal the Sage | Art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Oooh. I happen to have a clip from Bathed in Moonlight, in which Opal presents Char with a choice:

Audio Book Sale

Mikoto and the Reaver Village. I just received notification that they’re running a discount on Bk4 of the Amaranthine Saga over on Audiobooks.com. You could nab it for 50% off (until Valentine’s Day). If you follow this link to their jump page, this is what you’ll see:

Travis Baldree has been narrating the Saga & Songs (thanks, Tantor Audio!) from the start. The audio books are a great way to reread the series as we head towards the release of the final book in this series … coming this autumn!

If you didn’t know, Travis also narrates Bard & Barbarian for us (serial updates over on Patreon) AND the Galleries of Stone trilogy AND Deuce, which is being serialized over on CJ’s Patreon. So much stuff! ::twinkle::

The Final Miko

Coming in Autumn 2023. We’ll call this my “official” cover reveal for Bk7, even though (as usual) I slipped an early peek at this cover into signed copies of Bk6 that went out last October. It’s tradition. I’ve always given the title of the next book at the end of Pimiko’s digital editions, but print editions always also include a bonus: the summary. Today, you’ll have it all in one place!

One bachelor is love-shy. One is unrequited.
One is much-loved. One is blindsided.


ART: Warm Enough?

January’s Art Card. One of my “resolutions” for the new year involves my Patreon. I send out monthly mailings to thank supporters. In the past, I’d choose note cards or stationary that suited my mood for the month. This year, with my mailing list growing steadily, I’ve made the commitment to have cards printed every month. They’ll feature story-related art, book covers, etc. And most will incorporate book quotes or (like this month) an original story snippet.

For January, I wanted something in-character and cozy, so this month’s art card/story will feature two of the Five, longtime friends Harmonious Starmark & Lapis Mossberne. Teaser here. The full illustration is under the cut, so click for more! ::twinkle::


Amaranthine Tattoo

Shared with Permission. Weeks ago, Sam contacted me with her plans for an Amaranthine-inspired tattoo. The design would include elements from all seven of the Saga book covers … if I was willing to sneak her a little information about the final miko. Only too happy to comply, my cover illustrator and I pulled together a reference sheet of the pertinent elements, and Sam’s tattoo artist ran with them. Their design pulls it all together: forget-me-nots, feathers, acorns, ginkgo leaves, sea shells, and a gloriously showy chrysanthemum.

I shared a picture of the lines with patrons back when they were complete. Since then Sam went through two more sessions. One for shading, and a final session to add the colors. Here’s the finished tattoo! (And yes, there’s a teaser for the cover of Bk7 in the design.) ::twinkle::


ART: Consort Call

Puppies vs. Kitties. I held a poll over on Patreon, then again on Twitter, offering readers the chance to decide which they wanted in time for Christmas. In both places, kitties won the day, and so I bring you another illustration of cast members from Bk6. On the off chance that those here haven’t yet found the time to indulge in Bk6, I’ll keep the full illustration under a cut.

. . .


ART: Brotherhood

Found Family. Argent Mettlebright has become an advocate for the rights of all crossers, offering them a safe haven at Stately House. But dragon crossers command a special place in his regard, largely thanks to Kyrie.

. . .

Every child of the Rogue, no matter how wretched the circumstances of their begetting, was a precious life. Yet they’d been born bereft. Orphaned. Unwanted. Exploited.
Tsumiko wanted them. And now that Kyrie knew, he was urgently, tenaciously insistent. The boy could not, would not leave them be. They were his kindred. No, Kyrie counted them even dearer. He wanted Argent to find his brothers and sisters. And to bring them home.

Pimiko and the Uncharted Island

. . .

Keeping the full illustration under wraps, since I know some of you haven’t been able to finish Bk6 … and I do have an unholy dread of spoilers. But I did want to announce that this art (and an original story snippet) will be featured on December’s Quarterly Art Card for my patrons. More about my Patreon on this page >>

. . .

here there be dragons (and spoilers)

ART: The Doctor Will See You Now

Trulore Clinic. We’re a month past the release of Pimiko and the Uncharted Island, so I’m going to begin sharing some of the art FoxOfTwilight created for the book. To be extra-safe (so as not to spoiler those of you who haven’t been able to read), I’ll keep the full art under a cut.

. . .

“There is a dragon.”
“I knew it!” Boon pounded against the barrier, dragging his claws over its unrelenting surface. “I knew I was close.”
“Yes, yes, yes. Argent wants them, too.” Inti wearily chanted, “Dragon, dragon, dragons.”

Pimiko and the Uncharted Island

here there be dragons (and spoilers)

New Pattern

She Sells Sea Shells. We’ve added a new pattern to the Twinkle Press storefronts over on Threadless and TeePublic. You can get the Pimiko seashell pattern on items ranging from totes and masks to journals and note cards. Be sure to watch for sales right on through the holidays if you want to build your Amaranthine collection. ::twinkle::

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ART: Bloom for You

Hajime and Naoki. We first meet this duo in Flattered by Flowers (Songs of the Amaranthine, #8). Naoki is a bookseller in the city of Keishi, and he befriended Junpei, who became a regular at his shop. Only after a bit of tanuki mischief did Junpei realize that Naoki wasn’t alone.

“Tell me what you see,” Naoki prompted, his expression guarded.
Meeting a red-eyed gaze, Junpei offered a respectful nod. “I see another man with long, black hair and a lavish crown of red flowers. You are similar to Kusunoki, but Matsu’s friend has more height and girth and wears hakama.”
With a heavy sigh, Naoki said, “Junpei, meet my longtime companion, Hajime.”

Flattered by Flowers
Songs of the Amaranthine, #8

Bloom for You | art by FoxOfTwilight

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