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Commissioning Art. I haven’t done a Twitter poll in a while, but I’ve been inspired by one of my resolutions for 2020. I want to commission at least one piece of art every month, either of characters or scenes from my stories. Certainly a splurge. But it’s a treat I can share. Options are manifold, so I thought a poll would be fun. Who do you think is most “deserving” of art?

Art Deserving

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If you don’t have a Twitter account & can’t vote there, by all means, shout out in comments. ::twinkle::

Good Fortune

Reminder! There’s a Fortune Cookie Challenge underway, and it’d be a shame for any of the (admittedly extensive) cast of the Songs & Saga to be left out. Have some fun, get creative, and your fortune may find its way onto one of these snazzy graphics! ::twinkle::

Tsumiko, from Fairy_Grimace

Kip, DarumaSan

Akira, from Willing1111

Personalize your fortunes in comments on the Fortune Cookie Challenge post >>

Fortune Cookie Challenge

Confessions of a Collector. It’s becoming established I collect many things. Those who’ve begun supporting me on Patreon even have photographic evidence. My collections aren’t always big and grand. Sometimes, they’re small and simple … and ride around in my coin purse for months … and have been piling up in a small box for years. Case in point: Continue reading