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Kiddo. Just wanted to drop this here in case you needed reminding of what Nonny looks like. (Art by FoxofTwilight.) And … while we’re at it! Those who were able to listen in on Travis Baldree’s recording sessions for the audio book of Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate already know that Nonny (who often employs Britticisms) has a Cockney accent. ::twinkle::

… such pretty flocking!

Release Day!

Release Day October 22, 2021

She could make a mess of everything. Especially him.
The Junzi—also known as the Four Gentlemen—are a set of ancient weapons fashioned from remnants. Dragons refer to them as the Four Storms, and Hisoka Twineshaft believes they will make a difference in the hunt for the rogue. But someone else is interested in gathering up these crystal masterpieces. The so-called Gentleman Bandit is responsible for two thefts already, and Hisoka is concerned for the Bamboo Stave. So he deploys an elite taskforce to guard the treasure. And to catch a thief.

Juuyu Farroost and his teammates regroup at a safehouse tucked under the boughs of one of the oldest—and most heavily fortified—orphan trees in the Americas. Fumiko and her tree twin have enough rooms for all of them. If they can shift enough of the woman’s clutter to set up their equipment. Juuyu’s expertise is essential to the success of their mission, but he can barely focus thanks to Fumiko, her messes, and Akira, who apparently owes Boon a favor.

• • •

If you’ve already begun reading, hold onto your comments and put them on the Squee Post. (I want this thread to remain spoiler free.)


Release Eve

Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate. While Fumiko officially releases tomorrow, many of you will find the fifth book in the Amaranthine Saga downloading to your e-reader tonight. (Mine always shows up before 10pm.) OR you live in the future, because it’s already the 22nd in your hemisphere. So the festivities begin early. Happy Release Eve!

An official Release Day post is scheduled to go up at midnight here, with a Squee Post close on its heels. But I know from long experience that tomorrow will be pretty quiet. And that’s fine. I hope you can enjoy your weekend’s reading!

Every Name a Story

Copper Eyes. The Starmark clan is famous for their copper eyes, a trait they inherited from Radiance, who hails from the Ambervelte pack. She’s a buoyant, charismatic lady, and in many essentials of nature, her son Harmonious takes after her. Mikoto Reaver is more than a little in awe of her: “Glint’s bondmate was a force few knew they should be reckoning.”

Kyrie fiddled with a set of wooden shutters, and more light flooded the shelter. Enough that Lilya could now see the small, silvery star that marked the center of Radiance Starmark’s forehead. “Is that your blaze?”
“No.” Her eyebrows arched. “It’s a miracle.”
“Truly?” asked Kyrie, coming closer and bending down to see.
Radiance hooked his elbow and pulled him onto her lap.
For a moment, Kyrie froze. Lilya understood his surprise. Most people were wary of a red-eyed boy with horns. Not her. When Lady Starmark proceeded to snuffle his neck, he collapsed into gasps and giggles.
“She’s sniffening you!” Lilya exclaimed.
“Don’t mind me,” said Radiance. “Standard procedure for special guests. Especially wily, barrier-dropping dragons who may need tracking.”

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4)

Release Day Delivery

Maybe. Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate will release this coming Friday, October 22 (::confetti toss::). While I can’t guarantee a release day delivery like certain vendors, I’m going to get as close as possible. The first shipment will go out today, bound for international recipients. And another teetering stack will go out on Monday. Media mail supposedly takes up to ten days, but most of my recipients see a package in seven. Unless they live in nearby states, in which case, books could show up early. Lucky you! ::twinkle::

  • If you want to get in on the initial shipment, place your order ASAP! I have a stack of shipping labels ready! Signed Books details >>
  • If you’re holding off for one reason or another, no worries. I stocked up. You’ll be fine.
  • If you pre-order the ebook, it’ll probably show up on your reading device the evening before release day. (Thanks, time zones!) Those who get a signed book + an ebook are able to review Bk5 as a verified customer, which is apparently a good thing.
  • Speaking of reviews, any author, nay, EVERY author depends on your honest opinions & star ratings. They please the algorithms, which can mean site recommendations and netting future “daily deals” sale dates.
  • Incidentally, pre-orders are a contributing force toward boosting a new book’s First Week Sales, which can put them on best seller lists. That’s an eventual goal of mine, but I’m not there yet. Maybe someday!
  • While the digital/print book release date is October 22, the audio book will be coming out next month from Tantor Audio. Pre-orders should be showing up soon for Travis Baldree’s narration. And the release date will be November 9, 2021.
  • As per usual, I reveal the title of the next book (Bk6) at the end of the ebook & and a fuller title + summary at the end of the print edition. Those who order an author-signed copy also receive swag that doubles as a full-color cover reveal. ::eyebrow waggle::

Aaah, we’re so close. I hope you’re as excited as I am for what’s to come. And thank you for supporting my stories wherever they can be found.

Coming Soon

Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate. Have you pre-ordered your ebook? Are you going to nab a signed copy? I’ve been addressing & inscribing all week, and I’m planning to ship books on Monday so they’ll reach readers close to (if not before) release day on Friday, October 22. If you want to get into that first big batch, now’s a great time to send in your order.

Chapter 2 Teaser. Okay, not much happening here except scenery, but that’s okay because 1) it’s spoiler-free and 2) it establishes the fact that Akira is a POV chapter in Fumiko. ::twinkle::

Every Name a Story

Named for the Future. Harmonious is the firstborn son of Glint & Radiance Starmark, and he was named for the future hope on which Wardenclave was founded: peace between the Amaranthine clans and the reavers under their protection.

I think one of my favorite scenes in Book 2 is when Tenma Subaru sleeps over at Quen’s and wakes up surrounded by the Five. Harmonious gives peace such a personal touch.

What do you say, Tenma Subaru? Would you be opposed to my treating you as pack?”
“I must protest,” came a voice, low and lazy. “I saw him first.”
How long had Lapis been watching?
Harmonious snorted. “Eloquence’s claim is a matter of record. But if you crave kinship, I’ll claim you next, dragonling.”
Blue eyes widened, then narrowed. “Are you threatening me?”
“Let’s call it a promise. But this one first.”
Tenma’s stomach flipped at the intensity of Harmonious’ gaze. And the enormity of his offer. Dogs were reportedly friendly, Spokesperson Starmark more than most. So this probably wasn’t as important to him as it was to Tenma. But even if this dog made offers of friendship and kinship to every person who strolled through his gates, Tenma wanted this.
“Please,” he whispered.
“Good lad.” Harmonious leaned down to kiss his forehead. “Welcome home.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

ART: Elite Trackers

Assembling a Taskforce. With Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate‘s release date a mere 20 days away, I’m teasering all I can without spoilering anything of import. Since these two are known entities, they’re getting their turn in the limelight a little early. You already know that Juuyu and Sinder are partners. What I’ve never mentioned (before now) is the identity of Boonmar-fen Elderbough’s partner. ::twinkle::

Elite Trackers | art by FoxOfTwilight

If you haven’t had the chance yet, I do hope you’ll pre-order Book 5 in whatever format (or formats) you prefer. Print/Digital release is October 22. Audio is scheduled to release on November 9. And I’m now open for pre-orders on author-signed books.

Pre-Order a Signed Book

Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate. If you’re interested in purchasing an author-signed copy of the fifth book in the Amaranthine Saga directly from me, I’m opening up for pre-orders today. Books will ship during release week. The cost will be $25 (includes shipping in the US). I accept payments via Zelle and PayPal. Or by Amazon gift card, if that’s how you roll. More details on the Signed Book page >>

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Release Day: October 22, 2021
Audio: November 9, 2021

Traditional Gift

Book Pins. One of my friends makes a point of always getting me an enamel pin to match the books I’ve written. With Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate releasing in less than a month, I thought you might enjoy seeing their pick. It’s a phoenix, of course.

Release Day: October 22, 2021

Have you pre-ordered your digital edition of Fumiko? I’ll be opening up pre-orders for signed copies on October 1. The audio book, narrated by Travis Baldree, will release on November 9, 2021.

Listen In

Narration Sessions. Over the next few days (beginning tomorrow, 9/22), Travis Baldree will be creating the audio edition of Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate (Amaranthine Saga, #5). If you are so inclined, you can sneak in and listen to him creating the audio book LIVE on his Discord server: Cryptid Audio.

Usual start time: 8:30 – 9:00 am (Pacific)

On the plus side, it’s FUN to watch Travis work. And you’d be getting to hear the book a whole month before it releases. But if you can’t set yourself down and listen straight through (it’ll take 3 days to record the whole book), you’ll either end up with a piecemeal account or (le gasp) spoilers.

Choose wisely!

Every Word Matters

Give and Take. There is a certain … compatibility of souls between the Amaranthine and reavers. In times past, this made reavers prey to greedy grabs for power. But some clans were patient enough to cultivate friendships with these bright souls, and trust led to the practice of tending. The five most prominent (even dominant) clans are those which held to a long tradition of peace & cooperation with reavers: dog, wolf, cat, dragon, and fox.

How long had it been? Several years, now. Ambrose hadn’t gone in for tending since leaving Europe. With the necessity of taking on reaver escorts, there had always been access. He was aware that Canary partook, as did Cat. But up until now, the reavers assigned to them had been bland things. They never stayed long, and none of them had inspired interest. Let alone trust.
Up until now.
It was mortifying to be so thoroughly drawn in. What had Canary said of the crew? Smitten. Ambrose could see why. It had nothing to do with Ms. Pinion being female. In his experience, a soul was a soul was a soul, regardless of the gender of the body in which it resided. The attraction wasn’t physical, yet the desire to be closer took hold with surprising strength.

Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4)