Bard & Barbarian

New Chapter. I’ve updated Bard & Barbarian, my Patreon exclusive story that delves into the backstory of the two characters I play in weekly DnD campaigns. “Imber was only a boy when he first met the divine beast who would one day share his adventures.” The story is available to supporters at any level (Glimmer starts at $1/month), and it updates at least once a month. Today’s chapter is called “Good Customers.”

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Bard & Barbarian

Bards Will Be Bards. A new chapter has been added to my Patreon-exclusive story, which I’ve promised to update at least once a month. (This is the third installment in April, so yay!) Bard & Barbarian on Patreon >>

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In related news. Up until now, I’ve been working on a give-what-you-can basis, but I have been plotting in grateful ways. It’s time to add tiers … so that you pick your incentives. We’re hammering out details behind the scenes. Tiers should kick in for June.

Bard & Barbarian

Updated! There’s another update to Bard & Barbarian, which I post exclusively to Patreon as a way to thank my patrons. In Chapter 8: “Nameless,” Imber’s father and uncle test his bardic mettle.

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In related news, FoxOfTwilight is working on art for my boys. After some waffling (because little!Imber is a cute little button), we decided to make the bard an adult for this dual portrait. Because little boys will soon grow up to have adventures of their own. ::twinkle::

Imber crop

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Bard & Barbarian

Updated! Just a quick note that I managed to update Bard & Barbarian yesterday. This has been a good week for DnD at forthy’s house. Woke to a surprise game-brunch on Monday. Defending a treasure convoy goes rather well with fresh cinnamon rolls. And then yesterday’s usual campaign slot (which went extra long) brought sufficient success for Marc to unlock a unique feature on one of his swords. Poor boy. I’m not sure who’s more confused by the consequences: me, Imber, or Marc himself.

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Thank you to all who support my stories,
wherever they may be found. ::twinkle::

Bard & Barbarian

“Turn on the Charm.” My Patreon-exclusive story has updated, and I’m pleased with the warm reception Imber (and Marc) have received. At the moment, the only way to read along is to become a patron, but I’m not setting any tiers. Even if you can only part with $1 a month, you’re in … and warmly welcomed. And as an added bonus, you’ll contribute to the community goal I’ve set. Once I reach 400 followers, I’ll begin another Amaranthine story over there. Involving three sisters, twelve pledges, and the long-awaited stirring of a sleeping landmark. ::eyebrow waggle::

From today’s chapter…

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Bard & Barbarian has already garnered some fanart! Many thanks to FerperoNii for her concept of the ranger Desiderii, who is Imber’s human mother.

Desiderii by FerperoNii

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