Kith, Kin, and Crosser

“Adorable, is he not?”

Eloquence nearly laughed, for Tenma seemed confused over which person Lapis found adorable: Laud, Ever, or Rise. And in finding equal appeal in all of Quen’s denmates—Kith, Kin, and crosser—Tenma earned a greater measure of trust on all sides.

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

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Let’s add a missing piece to the portrait of Eloquence and Ever. FoxOfTwilight was kind enough to give Rise his proper place. Continue reading

Annual Tradition

Every year during the holidays, I get a whole slew of reviews, DMs, and PMs from readers who’ve just finished their annual reread of Counting the Hours, a S/K AU that’s sitting at 2 (very long) chapters. Sweet compliments. Gentle reminders. A bit of groveling. Hoping, hinting, haggling for more.

Truth be told, there is more planned. Two more chapters, in fact, which are both named and (sketchily) outlined. But that story’s on my “someday” list because my RL publishing schedule is jam-packed. So here I am, hoping, hinting, haggling for patience. Because when you believe in HEAs as much as I do, someday always comes! ::twinkle::

ART: Heart of a Dog

Famous Parent. Eloquence Starmark’s dad is one of the Five. No big deal, right? ::twinkle:: His classmate is understandably impressed.

• • •

“Does that mean you’re related to Harmonious Starmark?”

“Closely.” Quen nodded to the embroidered crest on his shoulder—copper thread glinting against dark brown cloth. “Dad’s the spokesperson for the dog clans.”

“You’re a dog.”


“And your mother’s human?”

Tenma’s grip had tightened, but this wasn’t fear. If anything, he seemed eager. His scent had brightened considerably. Eloquence smiled. “Yes, Mum is human. She’s my stepmother.”

“I saw that special. The one with all the interviews.”

“Who hasn’t?” Quen rolled his eyes. “They’ve aired ‘Heart of a Dog’ every year since my brother was born. It’s becoming an international Christmas Eve tradition.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

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Ginko vs Gingko

Random Aside. Do you know HOW HARD it is to type “Ginko” (the main character in Mushishi) when your fingers are used to typing “Gingko” (a main character in the Amaranthine Saga)???

…I think I corrected them all in today’s installment.

Recommended Viewing

Camphor & Kouki

Summary: Ginko regrets using the Uroana as a shortcut. He’s having trouble pinpointing where he’s come out, and he’s at a loss on how to get back. But in the meantime, perhaps he can do some good. A trail of acorns, a camphor tree, two sisters, a mushishi, and a highly unconventional mountain master.

Camphor and Kouki by FORTHRIGHT

FYI. This story isn’t on a fast track. Slow and steady, perhaps a chapter a month. (Affinity also updated today, and I’m excited to jump back into Savvy come January.)