This is… Unexpected

I’m fielding a fandom friend’s question here on the blog since my answer may be interesting to others (if not everyone). ::twinkle::

The Question
Don’t know where else to ask so here it goes. Will you be continuing ‘Unexpected’ on Not being demanding or anything, just need to quell my curiosity and also see if there’s any way to persuade you to finish it. It’s been my favorite for so long now.

. . .

My Answer
This is an excellent place to ask. And opportune timing, since I have recently added Unexpected to my writing schedule. I even announced it, though in a place where nobody knows to look for the little hints and rumors I enjoy generating.

I recently secured a Ko-fi account, which I plan to use for fandom fun. Beginning next year (tentatively March 2021) I will host a monthly “event,” reminiscent of Drabble/Drawble Nights of old. And as a finale for the day, I’ll add a new chapter to Unexpected.

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For those not familiar with the site, Ko-fi work like … like a tip jar. If you want to show your appreciation for my efforts, you can “buy me a coffee.” The money (all of it) is sent directly to my PayPal account. This is a good option for people who aren’t able to commit to a monthly pledge (that’s how Patreon works). Nothing much will happen over there until next year, when I pick up Unexpected and Vassal for our Ko-fi dates. Look forward to it!

One More Week

Next Tuesday. Release Day (and my Fandom Anniversary) is just one week away. Here’s the usual rundown:

Tiny treat. A screencap of the first typeset page. ::twinkle::

Reminder. Any author (every author) benefits greatly when you take a few moments to rate and/or review their books, especially on sites like Amazon & Goodreads.

Heads Up

Print Editions. Mikoto and the Reaver Village is off to the presses (as of last week), but my printer’s website is plastered with warnings that they’re utterly swamped and to expect delays. So while my order is IN, my book boxes COULD arrive after release day. Nothing we can do about that. I”ll keep you updated. Thank you for your patience.

Digital Editions. Naturally, these delays don’t apply to ebooks. If you’ve pre-ordered your digital edition of Mikoto and the Reaver Village, one additional perk is Kindle’s penchant for distributing the book at midnight (EST). I’ve had my books arrive as early as 9pm on Release Day Eve. Good for those who want a head start on their reading. **Book 4 should now be showing up in other venues as well, so if your preferred book source is B&N, Kobo, Book Depository, etc., you should check for pre-order availability.

Audio Books. A few of you have asked, but I don’t think I’ve answered anywhere but in comments. The audio books for Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology and Mikoto and the Reaver Village have been delayed (due to the quarantine). Both titles are on the schedule for 2021. Maybe Travis Baldree will even be able to tackle Bk5 by then! ::twinkle::

New Items!

Threadless Store. We’ve added three new patterns to the Twinkle Press storefront on Threadless. Check out these tote bags! They come in three sizes.

Moon and Stars | Storm Cloud | Ginkgo Leaves

And these days, it’s a cinch to have these patterns put on masks. They come in a couple of styles and a kids size. Accent your wardrobe (and stay safe) in Amaranthine style! ::twinkle::

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Hemmed in Silver

Songs of the Amaranthine. The fifth story in the collection will be releasing on November 4, 2020. It’s showing up for pre-order on Amazon (so far). As usual, it’ll be available from other vendors closer to release day.

Fairies in the garden. Frost on the pumpkins. Farmhands at the dance. Wyn Outler doesn’t talk about where he came from (or how long ago). All part of the vows he took when he and his best friend turned their backs on the In-between. Decades later, when a letter arrives from an orphan boy who thinks he’s found his uncle, Wyn faces the monumental task of welcoming two children into a household rife with secrets.

Alfie is quite sure Merritt House is magical. Uncle Wyn’s quirky rules only add to the farm’s mystique. He’d do anything to stay. Even if it means pretending not to notice that the chickens are enormous, the cows are a little too clever, and the cook has a tail. However, his baby sister Hazel, who is forever bending the rules, grows up with some peculiarly romantic notions. First love will make things awkward for everyone, especially the three farmhands who live in Cozy Cottage.

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Fandom Anniversary

Fourteen Years. This year, I have good reasons to celebrate September 22. Here, I can even provide a list:

  • It’s the Autumn Equinox, and I adore Fall. Historically, it’s been one of my most creative seasons. (Many of my fanfics began, ended, or were updated on this milestone day throughout the years.)
  • It’s release day for Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4), which you can pre-order (digital edition) on Amazon and/or pre-order your signed copy from me.
  • If all goes according to plan, I’ll be posting an IY x Amaranthine Saga crossover. That’s right folks. Argent meets Sesshoumaru. ::twinkle::
  • A larger project has been underway all summer. As we near my “fanniversary,” I’ll be posting quotes from some of my fics. Like this one:

More to come!