Quarterly Art Card

Perks of Patronage. I do try to reward those who support me over on Patreon with exclusive content. There are stories (currently spinning out Bard & Barbarian). Narrated chapters (of BnB) by Travis Baldree. And there are a variety of options that mean fun stuff in your mailbox. Most recently, I’ve begun adding story snippets. Amaranthine outtakes that are printed on postcards or art cards, much like September’s Quarterly Art Card.

Printed on felted paper, this 5×7″ art card features an illustration I commissioned last year. “The Drama” by Lara Pickle. She did a piece for each of the first four Songs of the Amaranthine stories. “Name Game” is an original story snippet, set after the events of Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4).

You can still get in on this mailing if you join as a patron before the end of the month. The Quarterly Art Card perk starts at the Twinkle tier ($4/month). Thank you for supporting me and my stories, wherever they may be found!

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Fun Mail

Celestia Bumbers. A little while back, I received a fun bit of mail. A reading friend created one of the Ephemera that appears in Captured on Film (Songs of the Amaranthine, #6). So cute!

Thank you, W! ::glomp::

Caleb’s heart was sinking. “Are they rare, these bumbers?”
“Increasingly so.”
With another sidelong look, he asked, “Do they look like fuzzy white bees with blue eyes?”

Captured on Film
Songs of the Amaranthine, #6

. . .

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Aspen Leaves

Totes Adorbs. Hey, it’s been a while since we uploaded something new to the Twinkle Press storefronts on Threadless and TeePublic. With both my Fanniversary (9/22) and a new book release (10/22) oncoming, it’s the perfect time to make some new patterns available. You can purchase a variety of products, from totes and masks to journals and notecards.

Aspen Leaves, inspired by Captured on Film (Songs of the Amaranthine, #7)

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Bard & Barbarian

Narrated Edition. Bard and Barbarian has been posting slow and steady over on my Patreon account. Reading along is great, but supporters on some tiers can now listen along. Ch15, “Reprise” just went live for those in qualifying tiers. AND Ch11, “Good Customers” just unlocked for the Twinkle and Sparkle tiers.

**Chapter 15 begins “PART 2” of Bard & Barbarian. Imber’s a teenager, now. ::twinkle::

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Every Word Matters

Couriers. Before the Emergence, Betweeners didn’t use unsecured means of communication. Letters, messages, and communiques are still usually hand-delivered by heralds. Thus far, all of the heralds we’ve met in the Saga & Songs have been avian. (It’s a proud tradition.)

Is it important?” inquired Thrussel.
Wyn left off his fifth reread to blandly reply, “Most letters hand-delivered by heralds are. How did this even find me?”
“Discreet channels.”
“Am I found, then?”
“No, Wyn. We songbirds have our own way of making sure letters reach their intended recipients.” He touched Wyn’s arm. “It was passed from dove to ptarmigan to warbler before arriving in our vicinity. Someone remembered Lord Alderney having a little place by the name, and I offered to see it delivered. None the wiser.”

Hemmed in Silver (Songs of the Amaranthine, #5

ART: Moonglade Tea Room

While in Keishi. In a fairly recent story arc in Lord Mettlebright’s Man, Jacques was in Keishi, which is notable for being the home of Harmonious Starmark, Hisoka Twineshaft, and Kikusawa Shrine. Since it will also be the setting for Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons, I decided (in my usual way) to sneak in a bit of foreshadowing. I’d always planned to have an Amaranthine-run tea room in Kimiko’s neighborhood, but I didn’t need it for Bk2. But Jacques needed a spot of tea, and I have a marvelous serial pending, so I pretty much invented Moonglade Tea Room (and its proprietors) on the spot. (It’s shocking how often I do this. Let’s call it authorial privilege.) THEN, (quite predictably), I got attached. Therefore … art!

Moonglade Tea Room | art by FoxOfTwilight

Cousin?” Sonnet called through an open screen. “May I beg a favor?”
Bare feet made no sound upon tatami mats.
Built and bronzed, this male had silver eyes and black hair arranged in a topknot. The flowered kimono hung open, suggesting wolf.
“Paltry!” Sonnet kissed the cousin’s cheek. “Help me warm this human?”
Jacques was past pride. “Have mercy on this poor wretch.”
Palms met. Nostrils twitched. Brows arched. Paltry remarked, “It’s raining cats and wolves today.”
In English.
Bless him.

LMM, Ch228, “Back Door”

. . .

Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons, you ask? If you haven’t yet heard, I’m going to be writing a full-length novel that follows (among other things) Kimiko’s courtship of Eloquence Starmark. The story will be serialized as a Patreon exclusive … and I’ve promised to begin the tale once we’ve reached the (admittedly daunting) community goal of 400 patrons. We’re about 30% there! “Loosely based on the old Amaranthine tale, ‘The Wolf and the Moon Maiden,’ this serial will involve three sisters, twelve pledges, and the long-awaited stirring of a sleeping landmark.“ + Paltry & Churlish ::twinkle::

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