ART: Not Too Outre

Jacques Smythe of the Uppington Smythes. You thought we were DONE with the Lord Mettlebright’s Man cover reveal? Non, mes amis! Because a few days ago, I realized that Jacques could (and should) dress the part during his cover reveal. Many thanks to Fox for turning around a celebratory portrait in short order!

Not Too Outre | art by FoxOfTwilight

If Jacques was doing this, he’d do it his own way. He preferred some tousle in his turn-out and flop in his foppery. —Lord Mettlebright’s Man

. . .

Something tasteful. Something appropriate. I’m partial to greens, but blues would better bring out your eyes.” Inspiration struck. “I wonder, would it be too outré for me to establish my own clan colors?”
Nonny snorted. “Clan Smythe?” —Lord Mettlebright’s Man

Cover Reveal: Lord Mettlebright’s Man

Pride Month Finale. I’ve been saving up something special for the last day of June. You see, I’m planning ahead for the publication of Lord Mettlebright’s Man, which should reach “The End” in 2023. There will be print & digital editions. Travis is booked to do the audio (and forewarned about the unusual storytelling format). A bonus short story is planned so there’ll be new material. And naturellement, we needed a new book cover. 

I am pleased. 

While the trim size of these books will be the same as the Saga & Songs, the Amaranthine Interludes collection has its own look, and we’re paying attention to details to make sure the set looks like it belongs together

I hope you enjoyed June’s daily updates. It’s back to the usual schedule moving forward. We give Jacques weekends & Wednesdays off. ::twinkle::

Audio Book Sale

The marketing folks at Recorded Books have alerted me to a sale on the first book in the Amaranthine Saga. Starting today, you can get Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, narrated by Travis Baldree, for 75% off the retail price. This is a limited-time sale, running through the month of July. Here’s a link to the sale page.

If you haven’t heard Travis’s narration of the Saga (and Songs) yet, you’re in for a treat. Snag a copy for yourself!

ART: My Lady

Bard & Barbarian. I’m grateful for those who’ve come over to Patreon in order to push toward our community goal of 400 patrons so we can unlock the Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons serial. It’s always nice to hear that readers want MORE about the cast. That story will be great fun to tell. But the story I’ve been telling in the meantime has a special place in my heart. So I asked FoxOfTwilight to tackle am ambitious portrait for Bard & Barbarian, a fantasy adventure with a DnD flavor.

The main character is Imber (the titular bard), and when the story begins, he’s just a little kid with big dreams. But we’ve entered Part 2 of his story, and teen!Imber has set out with his father’s crew. His first taste of adventure includes the acquisition of five summons. His “rabbity boys” are a noisy bunch with silly appellations and an unwavering devotion for … well … for some reason, they’re set upon calling Imber “my lady.” (It’s okay. He doesn’t mind.)

My Lady | art by FoxOfTwilight

These fellows are especially fun to meet in the narration for Bard & Barbarian. Travis Baldree and I had to work out a cheat sheet to keep them straight, since Quorum, Lorem, Ipsum, Sphagnum, and Peet have a habit of talking over one another in quick succession, what!

Oh, the little golden dragon boy? Yes, there are dragonkin in this world. And wildings. And wizards, paladins, clerics, an assortment of deities, an on-again-off-again rogue, and the titular barbarian (of course). I hope you’re reading along! If not, I hope I’ve given you a reason to. ::twinkle::

Close Crop:

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Bard & Barbarian

Narrated Edition. Bard and Barbarian has been posting slow and steady over on my Patreon account. Reading along is great, but supporters on some tiers can now listen along. Ch33, “Finest of the Fine” just went live for those in qualifying tiers. AND Ch29, “Springheels” has unlocked for the Twinkle and Sparkle tiers.

New narrated chapters will arrive every other Wednesday, which means … there’s always something more to look forward to! Learn more about my Patreon here >>