RELEASE DAY – Marked by Stars

Now Available! It’s release day for the first short story in my Songs of the Amaranthine collection. Digital only. Currently on Amazon. Need more incentive to splurge? How about twin wolves?

Highwind Twins by FoxOfTwilight

Highwind Twins by FoxOfTwilight

• • •

Beloor-dex and Loor-ket were alike
in every way except significance.

Marked by Stars

How short is short?

FYI. Marked by Stars is a short story. In fandom circles, it’s what we call a long oneshot. I wrapped it up in just under 20,000 words. That’s the target range for all future stories in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection. That way, when I have four stories completed, I can bundle them into a print anthology that’ll look nice alongside the Amaranthine Saga.

Last Chance to Pre-Order

Songs of the Amaranthine 01, Marked by Stars by FORTHRIGHT

Marked by Stars is the first of many short stories set in the Amaranthine universe. The tales will give me the chance to go beyond the plot of the Amaranthine Saga and explore the inner workings of other places and peoples. Each story will stand alone, though it will contribute to your knowledge of clans and cultures. I’ll borrow from various genres—adventure, romance, mystery, slice of life. All of the stories pre-date the Emergence, and they’ll span history, from ancient and medieval to contemporary. Marked by Stars gives you a peek into a past referenced in Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal. Here’s a screencap of the page just before the tale gets underway…

Quote, You Shine

Cover Reveal: Marked by Stars

A wolf without a pack and a boy in need of roots become founders.
After a heavenly visitation, one young wolf turns his back on his pack and on the moon in order to tread a lonesome path. A blaze of stars. A brand of copper. A burden of trust. First of Dogs, he takes a new name, makes peace with group of weary humans, and helps to found the In-between. This is a tale of the Kindred. This is the lore of the Starmark clan. Continue reading