Dice Envy

All the Colors. When I opened January’s dice box and found this big old d20, it occurred to me that it would look pretty alongside a Mood Stripes update. And it’s Tuesday. Perfect! ::twinkle::

Dice Envy, Prismatic d20

Notice. Bard & Barbarian will be updating this Thursday.

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Mailbox Report

Token of Affection. Many thanks to KShadeslady, who surprised and delighted me by sending a package in December. The enclosed ornament is apropos to my stories (especially Tamiko and the Two Janitors) since … well … acorns mean what we’ve been told they mean. ::twinkle::

Token of Affection, KShadeslady

The ornament is hinged (the clasp is a twinkle!) and inside, was a slip of paper with a book quote. Here’s me grinning as bashfully as Joe … and as grateful as anyone ever was or will be. ::glomp::