Bard & Barbarian

Updated! Just a quick note that I managed to update Bard & Barbarian yesterday. This has been a good week for DnD at forthy’s house. Woke to a surprise game-brunch on Monday. Defending a treasure convoy goes rather well with fresh cinnamon rolls. And then yesterday’s usual campaign slot (which went extra long) brought sufficient success for Marc to unlock a unique feature on one of his swords. Poor boy. I’m not sure who’s more confused by the consequences: me, Imber, or Marc himself.

BnB 007

Thank you to all who support my stories,
wherever they may be found. ::twinkle::

Dice Envy

All the Colors. When I opened January’s dice box and found this big old d20, it occurred to me that it would look pretty alongside a Mood Stripes update. And it’s Tuesday. Perfect! ::twinkle::

Dice Envy, Prismatic d20

Notice. Bard & Barbarian will be updating this Thursday.

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A Patreon Exclusive

To Thank My Patrons. So far, I’ve used my Patreon account to let supporters sneak a little closer to my life outside of books. Which (let’s face it) is a life surrounded by books. I enjoy taking pictures, so most updates have been snapshots of things that make sense for the forthy side of my life. My manga collection. Japanese tableware and cooking. Reading and writing snacks. Fandom gear. Story-related gifts and splurges. It’s little stuff, really, but it’s mine … so it matters to me. All of these photographs are ONLY posted to Patreon. One part incentive for you to join. One part thanks for established patrons.

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A New Exclusive. After a couple weeks of muddling through ideas, I’ve decided to go ahead and add an additional incentive in the form of an exclusive story. Again, it’s something personal, because I’ll be introducing patrons to the two characters I play during Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Self-indulgent? Admittedly. But these guys are as real to me as Miroku or Argent or Lapis or Ricker or (le gasp) Sesshoumaru. And I treat them with the same care and respect. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get as attached as Michael does to those he tends. ::twinkle::

How long will these installments be?
Short. This is a story in bits and pieces. So far, chapters are averaging 500 words.

How often will you update the story?
At least once a month. Sometimes more. (I have the first four chapters written.)

Will I need a Patreon account?
Yep. And it seems that requires a credit card. That’s how the site sends out your pledges each month. I’m new to this, so it’s probably best just to check out their FAQ.

How much does it cost to become a patron?
Depends on how much you have to splurge. You choose your pledge amount. It’s like a monthly subscription. Since I don’t have any tiers set up, you can become a patron for just $1 a month and have access to all my patron-only posts.

When will you post the first installment?
Tomorrow, January 8, 2020.

Will you publish this story as a book? (I can wait.)
Eventually? It’s a little early to tell. Might happen, though.

Are you going to tell us about the story?
Yep. That’s next. Continue reading

Comfort Zone

Plans for 2020. Some of my plans for the New Year will have me tiptoeing along the borders of my comfort zone. Good things, I assure you. Just … well, you know how most writers are. Bookish, skittish creatures who freeze like rabbits whenever someone other stumbles into their natural habitat. But I shall embrace my inner Duntuffet and make a merry mess of things. It’ll be fun.

One such plan is to out myself as a DnD player (there, that was easy) and perhaps introduce you to a couple of fellows who have become so dear to me that our DM has been threatened (on multiple occasions) not to contribute to their demise … lest I rage-quit the campaign and ensure their immortality by giving them a book. Nay, a SAGA of their own. (He just laughs and says, “roll for initiative.”)

So … anyone else dabble with DnD? And does anyone want to bravely guess the classes/races of my two boys? ::twinkle::