Comfort Zone

Plans for 2020. Some of my plans for the New Year will have me tiptoeing along the borders of my comfort zone. Good things, I assure you. Just … well, you know how most writers are. Bookish, skittish creatures who freeze like rabbits whenever someone other stumbles into their natural habitat. But I shall embrace my inner Duntuffet and make a merry mess of things. It’ll be fun.

One such plan is to out myself as a DnD player (there, that was easy) and perhaps introduce you to a couple of fellows who have become so dear to me that our DM has been threatened (on multiple occasions) not to contribute to their demise … lest I rage-quit the campaign and ensure their immortality by giving them a book. Nay, a SAGA of their own. (He just laughs and says, “roll for initiative.”)

So … anyone else dabble with DnD? And does anyone want to bravely guess the classes/races of my two boys? ::twinkle::

10 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. This does not surprise me in the slightest! Hmmm. Monk and Barbarian? Bard and Rogue? Cleric and Fighter? I’m dying to know! It’s bound to be an unlikely combination.

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  2. Tiefling Psionist and… Centaur Bard. I have a feeling that any of the ”normal” race/class combos would be too dull to really become attached to.

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  3. I dabble in DnD through a good friend of mine. I’m fairly new to it, but I love it. :3 As for guessing the classes/races of your characters, I have no idea. I’m still figuring out there are so many kinds out there! 😀

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  4. Very into DnD! I have WAY to many characters. My favorite though is my Gnoll Monk who is not at all what you;d think a monk would be lol I tend to like to play a lot of homebrewed races.I’m quite a monster fan LO

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