Prompt Me!

Lord Mettlebright’s Man. With the uptick in LMM chapters during 2022, I’m going to be going through prompts like crazy, so … prompt me MOAR! Most of the time, I ask for one-word prompts. They’re easiest to work in, and I usually need that flexibility. Especially when erudite readers toss me doozy-level words. My favorite prompts are interesting nouns (claxon, pinprick, sniffle) and strong verbs (vault, nibble, haul) or intriguing props (snifter, rosebud, collar). Emotions and colors are also the right kind of suggestive (vermillion, coy, fluster).

However, Lord Mettlebright’s Man is unique because I accept phrases. Yep, they’re harder to work in, but they’re also heaps of fun. Try to keep them short. Proverbs and idioms are excellent. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Out with the old; in with the new. Knee-jerk reaction.) Familiar sayings are good. (Home sweet home. Off and running. Like a hot knife through butter. Under the weather.) Interesting combinations have worked well. (Snips and snails. Duck and cover. Beck and call.) Literary allusions are welcome. (For want of a nail. Curiouser and curiouser.) Specific items that need more than one word to describe fit nicely. (Surprise party. Sunday best. Top shelf.) Scene direction and setting cues has been surprisingly effective. (Arriving late. Long walks by the sea. It happened on a Tuesday. In the end.) Song lyrics and movie quotes can work, within reason. (Shaken, not stirred. The eensy, weensy spider. Proof through the night. Love me tender.)

I suggest scrolling through past offerings before adding your own. The prompt post is located here >>

Weekends and Wednesdays

Four Days a Week. With Mood Stripes wrapped up, I needed to decide what to do with the open slots in my blog schedule. While I could have begun a new fandom piece (I have a couple of plot!biddies in the old incubator), I want to prioritize finishing older fanfics before beginning any more new ones. So when Jacques sashayed in and offered to double his efforts, he got his way. Moving forward, we’ll only give him Wednesdays and weekends off. Which pleases me, because I *think* that means 2022 will bring us very close to the conclusion of Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Which is perfect, because I wanted to bring the serial to print (and audio) before the final (seventh) book in the Amaranthine Saga releases!

Thank you for showing Jacques so much support. (Methinks he’ll need it.) ::twinkle::