ART: Not Too Outre

Jacques Smythe of the Uppington Smythes. You thought we were DONE with the Lord Mettlebright’s Man cover reveal? Non, mes amis! Because a few days ago, I realized that Jacques could (and should) dress the part during his cover reveal. Many thanks to Fox for turning around a celebratory portrait in short order!

Not Too Outre | art by FoxOfTwilight

If Jacques was doing this, he’d do it his own way. He preferred some tousle in his turn-out and flop in his foppery. —Lord Mettlebright’s Man

. . .

Something tasteful. Something appropriate. I’m partial to greens, but blues would better bring out your eyes.” Inspiration struck. “I wonder, would it be too outré for me to establish my own clan colors?”
Nonny snorted. “Clan Smythe?” —Lord Mettlebright’s Man

Cover Reveal: Lord Mettlebright’s Man

Pride Month Finale. I’ve been saving up something special for the last day of June. You see, I’m planning ahead for the publication of Lord Mettlebright’s Man, which should reach “The End” in 2023. There will be print & digital editions. Travis is booked to do the audio (and forewarned about the unusual storytelling format). A bonus short story is planned so there’ll be new material. And naturellement, we needed a new book cover. 

I am pleased. 

While the trim size of these books will be the same as the Saga & Songs, the Amaranthine Interludes collection has its own look, and we’re paying attention to details to make sure the set looks like it belongs together

I hope you enjoyed June’s daily updates. It’s back to the usual schedule moving forward. We give Jacques weekends & Wednesdays off. ::twinkle::