How big is the book?

One question that’s coming up often enough to qualify as a FAQ is a matter of size. “How long will Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox be?” And on a related note, are the chapters drabble-length? (Hey, I do have a reputation in that department.)

And let’s face it… I posted pictures of physical copies, but they don’t offer much scale. For all you know, they could be itty-bitty … and hardly worth the price tag. Now, if you read the fine print on most book sale venues, they’ll give dimensions (some sites even list the weight), but that’s never stopped anyone from margin-abuse. ::nods wisely::

So! I have prepared a simple fandom-friendly framework to give you a better sense of size. (Photos included!) Wanna reassure yourself? Continue reading

FAQ: Amaranthine Saga

Who’s Curious? As people are finding out about the upcoming original series, there have been questions. I can (and do) answer them, but those answers are scattered across assorted PMs, review replies, and several comment threads here on my blog. So we’ll do a few FAQ posts leading up to release day (February 22). I’ll also collect some of these questions and answers in the comments over on this site’s Amaranthine Saga tab.

Is it true that the books are linked to your fanfiction? Continue reading

SUBJECT: I was wondering…

I’m regularly asked about my writing process. In a recent comment, Anil asked a series of questions. Here are my responses:

Anil: I was wondering if you pre-write your material in advance, or schedule your writing sessions?

Forthy: This sounds wishy-washy, but it really depends. Unless an author lands a serial gig, our original stories don’t see the light of day until we have a completed manuscript. So I do a whole lot of pre-writing. Fandom is a refreshing exception. I usually Continue reading

FAQ: Will you finish Imperceptible?

Ninety-nine and holding. I’m very (very, very, very) regularly asked if Imperceptible is complete. It is not. I know there’s an author’s note in there somewhere that says the story will be complete in 100 chapters. That’s still the plan.

Why is it taking so long to write one chapter?
Originally, I was setting up Imperceptible to lead into a sequel. But I’ve since come to hate it when a “complete” fanfic isn’t, so plans have changed. I’ll Continue reading

Lord Charming: Curbing

I’m sometimes asked to explain references in Lord Charming because the reader doesn’t remember details I wrote about months (or even years) ago. Most of the time, I recommend a reread. Stories have more impact when they’re happening. Explaining what happened is just so … anticlimactic. But I have to sympathize with this reader because “curbing” was coined back in 2012.

In a review for Lord Charming, Chapter 692, “They Waited,”  Kalaharia wrote:

Okay for the life of me I cant remember what curbing means. Could you possibly explain?

Rather than explain, I’ll take you back to the pertinent chapters: Continue reading

Lord Charming FAQ

Q. Will you make your chapters longer?
A. Nope. I’m fond of the 100-word “perfect drabble” format, and I’m sticking with it for this story.

Q. Do you know how many chapters will be in Lord Charming?
A. Nope. But once I get close to the end of the story, I’ll aim to finish on a nice, round number.

Q. Do you know where you’re going with the story?
A. Yes. This is the course I’d set for Lord Charming right from the beginning.

Q. I’m confused. Why don’t you ever explain what’s happening? Continue reading

Subject: Help me, Sempai!

My inbox on FF teems with questions, most of which go unanswered. Not because I’m too epic for my own good, let alone anyone else’s. My opinions are many, and I don’t mind sharing them. But… time! I barely manage a thin trickle of fandom writing. Why talk about telling stories when I could be telling them? However, I’m willing to answer a few here and there.

I’d rather not set myself up as some kind of writing guru. The interwebz are full of pros who love to pontificate about storycraft and wordsmithery. But maybe I can offer a unique perspective because I’m a fandom fumbler turned author originale. So if you PM me on FF or drop a question in a comment, I may answer it sometime in a blog post much like this one. Continue reading

Do you have an OTP?

Fandom terminology can be hard to fathom and tricky to explain. I sometimes blurt out things while watching TV/movies, only to receive strange looks from the uninitiated. Like… “I ship them so hard!” Or… “Well, that’s awkward. Did their OTP just go OT3?”  As a veteran alt shipper and ficcer, I’m sometimes asked by newbies what OTP means… or if I have one. So let’s go there. Continue reading