FAQ: Will you finish Imperceptible?

Ninety-nine and holding. I’m very (very, very, very) regularly asked if Imperceptible is complete. It is not. I know there’s an author’s note in there somewhere that says the story will be complete in 100 chapters. That’s still the plan.

Why is it taking so long to write one chapter?
Originally, I was setting up Imperceptible to lead into a sequel. But I’ve since come to hate it when a “complete” fanfic isn’t, so plans have changed. I’ll wrap everything up in one go and give you the resolution you deserve.

Sounds great! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Right, so… in order to satisfy the needs of the story, that last “chapter” is essentially a novella. (Not something I can jot off over a weekend.) I actually had to make room in my official writing schedule for Imperceptible‘s finale.

When can we expect you to complete the story?
The final chapter of Imperceptible is scheduled for 2017, and it will coincide with the release of an original story that I’m writing especially for you, my fandom friends. More about that once I’m ready to recruit a trusty band of advanced readers & reviewers. ::twinkle::

15 thoughts on “FAQ: Will you finish Imperceptible?

  1. Hooray! Looking forward to that :D. And um, I would love to join your trusty band of readers if you’re taking volunteers (raises hand like first-year Hermione)

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  2. Hello from the fan side ๐Ÿ˜› I hope this message finds you well! I have long been, and still am an extent, an avid reader of fanfiction for quite awhile (I started reading fanfiction back in the A Single Spark days but in the last five years or so life got busy to the point that fanfics fell to the wayside). And I’ve been a fan of yours in particular, among some other amazing authors, but I have often been remiss in leaving comments. However, after your updates began again and prompted me to get back into fanfiction, I am rediscovering the joy that your amazing writing and stories gives me to read, and thought it is high time I write to you to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your writing.

    You take me to another world. Above and beyond the fact that Inuyasha is another world in and of itself and created by the great Rumiko Takahashi, you’re one of the fanfic authors who has truly been able to take it and create your own world within that. You give the characters your own slant, and endear them all over again; I love Inuyasha’s gruff concern, and Miroku’s clever and often sly insights, and Sesshoumaru and Kagome, wow, just wow, the tender concern and uncertain confidence, the simple kindnesses and keen understandings, and all those things spoken with mere telling actions…the emotion you manage to evoke and the vulnerability you give the characters that allows us as readers to relate to them, is something a show or manga doesn’t have the room go into detail for. In addition to needing to know more and have the story continue, that is one off the main draws of fanfiction, what we as fans hope to find, and found in spades and then some with you.

    I am so completely happy and ecstatic, as both a fan and for you, to hear that you’ll be finishing Imperceptible with a bang and are coming out with your own story to tell! Like almost deliriously happy, and I CAN NOT WAIT.

    And I was wondering if you were maybe planning to add to stories like Trove? I just reread and loved it all over again ๐Ÿ™‚ The whole concept really tickles my fancy, with the roles kind of reversed but also with a twist. Rarely do we see Kagome doing the pursuing, and here she didn’t really intend to in the first place, but is allowing herself to follow that tug from the brief connection they formed, the promise of something more, something great. And I’m quite interested to see how Sesshoumaru is the willingly pursued, cleverly allowing himself to be “accidentally betrothed” the the clueless suitor who finds herself somehow engaged to someone she’s just starting to learn but is already winning her heart. I imagine Sesshoumaru would be a very active participant, gently and cleverly guiding Kagome, while also scaring off any of her own suitors, which I really really want to see hahahah And she would of course get help from his family, YAY more Inu family interaction! I love Inupapa, and his sneaky fatherly ways and caring. And seriously little Inu is just too cute for words.

    Any ways I’ve probably blathered on enough, so I will conclude with a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you’ve contributed and still and will to the fandom, and all the wonderful journeys you’ve taken my imagination on. You could write a dictionary and I would read it. But please keep on writing all these most awesome and fantastic stories, I eagerly await them all โค

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    • Oh, my! You’re too kind. I may be blushing. And to answer your question…
      Will I be adding to my stories? Yes, definitely.
      More specifically, will I be adding to Troved? In a way, yes. More on that later. ::twinkle::

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  3. I’ve been reading your stories for a long time now, but never took the time (or courage) to say anything…
    Your stories bring me so much joy, laugh and smiles! Such a great, inspired and inspiring author. You rock my world!
    Just like the previous comment, I’m eagerly looking forward to any of your stories, especially Imperceptible
    Thank you for existing and writing such gorgeous things โค


  4. As a long time fan (how quickly a decade will pass you by), taking more time to write is something we readers have come to expect. We aren’t in high school and college anymore, so when a chapter takes a year to pen and another few months to edit and re-edit, it’s completely understandable. Real life disturbs the plot bunnies. That said, your update is greatly appreciated. It’s sad to see the story end, but it’s such a treat that it’ll be concluded fantastically. We will be frantically clicking the minute the email arrives. LOL

    Now about that new fanfiction…


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