Announcing … Coop!

Coop and the Elderbough Trackers (Amaranthine Interludes, #4). Well, hey … it’s June! With Lord Mettlebright’s Man releasing in a few days (6/4), it’s time to chat about what’s next. Because I’m kicking off another serial on the blog.

He always liked running wild. Now, he runs with wolves.
Cole Pfeiffer-Cooper, who prefers to be called Coop, became part of a pack way before the world found out about the Amaranthine. He was eight when his family took in Daroo-fen Clearsong, so by the time the Emergence was breaking news, he’d already learned plenty of wolf knots, hunting signs, and other kinds of non-verbal communication. That’s why it was pretty lucky that Coop was the one to find a group of wounded trackers fleeing from a werewolf hunt. A pact with Torloo-dex Elderbough gives fourteen-year-old Coop new goals. He wants to become a tracker, to run with Torloo’s pack, and most of all, to find a Kith partner. **Unique format! A story in 100-word chapters that’s currently being serialized on forthright’s blog. Cozy Fantasy. Slice-of-Life. Family. Pack.

Prompt Me! It’s always been a fun challenge for me to work your prompts into my story. Send me a batch, yeah? Comment below. One-word prompts or short phrases work best. And let me know what name you want me to credit (especially if you have multiple IDs across platforms).

Coop & the Elderbough Trackers
begins June 5, 2023

Prompt Me!

Lord Mettlebright’s Man. With the uptick in LMM chapters during 2022, I’m going to be going through prompts like crazy, so … prompt me MOAR! Most of the time, I ask for one-word prompts. They’re easiest to work in, and I usually need that flexibility. Especially when erudite readers toss me doozy-level words. My favorite prompts are interesting nouns (claxon, pinprick, sniffle) and strong verbs (vault, nibble, haul) or intriguing props (snifter, rosebud, collar). Emotions and colors are also the right kind of suggestive (vermillion, coy, fluster).

However, Lord Mettlebright’s Man is unique because I accept phrases. Yep, they’re harder to work in, but they’re also heaps of fun. Try to keep them short. Proverbs and idioms are excellent. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Out with the old; in with the new. Knee-jerk reaction.) Familiar sayings are good. (Home sweet home. Off and running. Like a hot knife through butter. Under the weather.) Interesting combinations have worked well. (Snips and snails. Duck and cover. Beck and call.) Literary allusions are welcome. (For want of a nail. Curiouser and curiouser.) Specific items that need more than one word to describe fit nicely. (Surprise party. Sunday best. Top shelf.) Scene direction and setting cues has been surprisingly effective. (Arriving late. Long walks by the sea. It happened on a Tuesday. In the end.) Song lyrics and movie quotes can work, within reason. (Shaken, not stirred. The eensy, weensy spider. Proof through the night. Love me tender.)

I suggest scrolling through past offerings before adding your own. The prompt post is located here >>

Prompt Post

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More to Come. The first thirty-one chapters of Lord Mettlebright’s Man came courtesy #Inktober. I posted chapters based on the official prompt list for 2018. But now that we’ve reached November, it’s time to turn my attention to #NaNoWriMo. Jacques will be lulling for the duration, but I’m interested in collecting prompts for the next update burst. Here’s my challenge. Suggest a prompt—either a word or a phrase. I’ll choose my favorites and post the resulting list in advance, in case you’d like to drabble (or drawble) along next time I do a round.

Comment with…

  • Your prompt. You can suggest more than one, be it word or phrase.
  • Your name. Because I will credit your prompt! ::twinkle::

Mood Stripes Prompts

Lately, I’m all, “blah, blah, blah, buy my book, blah, blah!” And you’re all humoring me like troopers and helping me celebrate like the awesome friends you are. But I get tired of hearing myself saying nothing but, “blah, blah, blah, buy my book, blah, blah!” So let’s do something fun and silly and FREE!

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Clumsy Prompts

In the footer of every Clumsy update, I record the original posting date, the writing prompt, and the word count. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that the first half of Clumsy was written all the way back in 2011 (during Dokuga’s Drabble/Drawble Nights). At the time of this posting, we’re nearly caught up. Brand new chapters will begin soon … and I’d appreciate a little prompting! Continue reading

Lord Charming Prompts

At the footer of every Lord Charming update, I record the original posting date, the writing prompt, and the word count. The notations are a relic of my involvement in everything from the IYFG & LJ contest communities to Dokuga’s Drabble/Drawble Nights. But ever since I started updating Lord Charming again, I’ve had nothing but a lonely “N/A” on the prompt line. Let’s change that. Continue reading