Books & Bookplates

A Box from the Printer! Once again, a small stack of books in this new batch are already spoken for, but I do have several copies of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox available. If you’re interested…

Tsumiko, flyleaf

Prices and particulars here >>

I’ll let you know when we’re close to the bottom of the stack, but it’s first come, first served. And as always, I have signed and numbered bookplates available for those who’ve already purchased the book elsewhere. ::twinkle::

Books & Bookplates

Prepping Another Batch. I can hardly believe that nearly all the books I ordered from the printer (with my super-seekurt author powers) are already spoken for, but… they are. SO! If you’ve been considering purchasing a signed book from me, I have 3 copies 2 copies 1 copy still up for grabs. First come, first served you juuust missed this round, but you can hop onto a waiting list for the next batch. And you can of course still purchase personalized, numbered book plates for books ordered elsewhere. (Or for your scrapbook, as some have done!) ::twinkle::

Prices and particulars here >>

Since they keep flying out of here, I do have more books on order. But I think (really, really hope) Amazon will fill outstanding orders before those arrive. (My poor, poor sales stats.) I will keep you posted.

To the Post Office!

I’m off to the post office with a tidy stack of books. Those of you who splurged on an autographed copy will only need a teensy bit more patience. Media Mail can take 7-10 days.

Shipping Tsumiko

Bookplates are also ready, but I’m holding onto the current batch because they contain a surprise/spoiler about Book 2 … and most of you haven’t yet received Book 1. ::impatient harrumph:: Do you want a bookplate, too? Info is on this post >>

By the way, you totally cleared out my stash of print editions, but I’ve ordered more. I’ll let you know once those become available.

Signed Books

Autographed Copies. A handful of you are requesting signed books, no small feat for an author working behind a pseudonym. But after mulling over my options, I can offer you two. 1) A signed bookplate can be yours at minimal cost, or 2) if you want an actual book that I have actually touched and personalized, the cost will vary depending on your country of origin. (International shipping can be steep!)

First off, a peek at the print edition’s flyleaf and built-in bookplate. (Because forthy really does plan ahead.) Continue reading