Book Boxes

Prettier in Person. I couldn’t be happier with the arrival of several book boxes on my front step. Rolling up my sleeves for a quick tally & inspection, then I’ll get my fingers all inky with the stamping. The evening will undoubtedly be spent signing your books.

Mr. Right will lug the first shipment to the post office tomorrow. You still have time to place an order. Details on how to do that are on the Signed Books page >>

Personal Touches

Days Away. Counting today, we’re four days away from the release of Mikoto and the Reaver Village. The digital edition should deploy right on schedule, but print books will likely be delayed. I see you can now pre-order the print edition of Book 4 on Amazon. That’s good. They might even drop-ship from the printer, which usually means a quick turnaround. Signed copies will be a little slower to reach you, but I’m doing my best to make them worth the wait. Oh, look! Here’s a reason, now:


Pre-Order Mikoto

Mikoto and the Reaver Village will be releasing on September 22, 2020. As per tradition, I’m opening up for pre-orders on the 1st of the month for those who want signed copies.

  • All the things you need to know are on the Signed Book page >>
  • Spoiler: $25 (includes shipping) for books shipping to US addresses.
  • Patrons (on Patreon) at some tiers are due a signed book. You can use that perk now. (Such a deal! And many thanks!)
  • I’m in the middle of absolutely everything for the next couple of weeks, so I won’t respond to order emails (unless you have questions, of course). If I remember (I confess to forgetting when The Anthology released), I’ll confirm your orders when I’m prepping shipping labels.
  • With everything being all 2020, I’m not sure how long it will take my books to ship from the printer. I’ll keep everyone posted on the blog. Expect excited pic spam when book boxes descend upon 4thy’s front step. ::twinkle::

This summer is his last chance to win his first love.
Wardenclave has always been a place of secrets and sway. For most of the year, the remote mountain village is closed off from the rest of the world, but each spring, they issue invitations to the most promising young reavers all over the world. Summer skill camps provide opportunities for the elite to train with the best. And by longstanding tradition, for teens of the In-between to evaluate the compatibility of their peers. Glint Starmark’s reputation as a matchmaker has been holding true for millennia.

At seventeen, Mikoto Reaver is the youngest headman in Wardenclave’s history. He’s had very little time to adjust to his new role before their close-knit community opens its doors to children of pedigree, the specialists who will mentor them, an allotment of battlers, and a celebrity or two. Glint means well, but Mikoto won’t commit until he can speak to the only girl he’s ever loved. There’s just something about her.

•   •   •

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4) is now available for pre-order on Amazon. This is for the ebook. It will begin showing up in other venues closer to release day. Same goes for print editions (I hope). I don’t think Amazon ever did stock Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology in the US. Audio Books *are* coming, but production has been pushed off into 2021. You can also shelve this book on Goodreads >>


Behind the Scenes. I usually restock my books when my tidy piles dwindle to five copies left. I’m teetering on the edge with six copies remaining of multiple titles. So I feel like I’m sitting on a fence. Aaalmost there. Do you want to sneak in an order to tip the scales? ::twinkle::

  • Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox – $20 (includes shipping)
  • Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal – $20 (includes shipping)
  • Tamiko and the Two Janitors – $25 (includes shipping)
  • Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology – $25 (includes shipping)
  • Meadowsweet (Galleries of Stone, #1) – $25 (includes shipping)
  • Harrow (Galleries of Stone, #2) – $25 (includes shipping)
  • Rakefang (Galleries of Stone, #3) – $25 (includes shipping)

All prices are in US dollars. International orders are welcome, but you’ll need to cover shipping. More about the Galleries of Stone trilogy to be found on this post. Information on signed books in general on this page. All orders come with some sort of swag tucked between the pages. So! Who’s up for a book splurge?

Personal Touches

Inky Fingers. With each book that’s released in the Amaranthine Saga, we’ve designed a rubber stamp that somehow suits the story. They’re one of those little personal touches that helps make the signed books you order from me extra special. Welp, with Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology about to release, it was finally the Songs’ turn. Naturally, I wanted a unique stamp for each of the four stories. They arrived in yesterday’s mail, and I’ve been testing colors.

Songs 04 Stamp

More details about ordering a signed book from me >>

Pre-ordered books should ship this weekend.

Await. Await. Await.

Pre-Order a Signed Copy

Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology is at the printer. (The manuscript is also in the hands of to good folks at Tantor Audio/Recorded Books, so Travis Baldree’s narration is also forthcoming … though further off.) It may be a week or two before I receive book boxes, so it will be nip and tuck to make the May 22 release date.

This hefty 400+ page book is a compilation of the first four short stories in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection:

  • Marked by Stars
  • Followed by Thunder
  • Dragged through Hedgerows
  • Governed by Whimsy

I’ll share pictures once I get my hands on copies. In the meantime, I’m opening up for pre-orders. If you’d like a signed copy or a numbered bookplate (or both), details can be found under the tab Signed Books >>

  • Cost for a signed copy of this title (mailed within the US) will be $25.
  • I’ve added Zelle to your payment options.

Governed by Whimsy_The Anthology

I’ll let the orders pile up until the book boxes arrive, then settle in for a mass signing session. At that time, you’ll hear back from me, confirming your payment, address, and pertinent details about signing. And of course, if you are interested in signed copies of any of my other titles, everything’s in stock at the moment. Many thanks for your interest and support! ::twinkle::

Note: Readers who plan to buy the book from bookstores, this title should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual storefronts by the end of the week. Bookplates will be available so you can add a personalized touch. Details on the Signed Books page >>


For the Flyleaf. I feel like I should explain bookplates because I’ve managed to confuse so many of you. When you order a signed book from me, I fill in the bookplate that’s printed on the flyleaf of the print editions.

But knowing that some of you would order your books elsewhere, we created bookplates that you can order separately. These are stickers, and they’re designed to be affixed over the blank space on the flyleaf. I’ve mentioned them in passing, but they’re not in high demand. However, some readers have realized that they’re … unique. And in the quest to collect All The Things, a few (like Marianna) decided to order all three.

Bookplates 123

To cover print costs and postage, I charge $3 USD for each bookplate that’s bound for a US address, $4 USD for international addresses. Details for ordering are in the same old place. SIGNED BOOKS >>


Sign Here. On the flyleaf of every book in the Amaranthine Saga, we’ve created a bookplate. It’s an old tradition from a bygone century, but they’re a pretty way for me to personalize signed copies. For Tamiko and the Two Janitors, we went with a circle.

Tamiko Flyleaf

I’ll be at the post office again tomorrow. If you’d like signed copies of any of the books in the Amaranthine Saga, details are found here – SIGNED BOOKS >>

For reference, here are the first two books:


eBook Deal

Amazon Monthly Deal. Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal is on sale during the month of May for both the US and Canada. If you haven’t purchased a digital edition, it’s the perfect time to snap up a copy!

Amaranthine Saga 02, Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal by FORTHRIGHT

And of course, if you’re the sort of reader who loves to HOLD a book in your hands, I do still have signed copies available. Details Here >>

Holiday Shipments

Signed Copies. If you are in the US and want signed books for Christmas, you need to place your order/send payment by Friday, December 14 if you want the usual rate. (Media Mail usually takes one week.) I can still ship books all next week, but if you want those books in time for Christmas, you’ll have to pay a little extra for the upgraded shipping.

On a related note, I’m bringing a batch of books to the post office tomorrow afternoon, (Thursday, 12/13). Email me if you want to add a book to the outgoing stack! ::twinkle::

How to request a signed book >>