Bard & Barbarian

New Chapter. I’ve updated Bard & Barbarian, my Patreon exclusive story that delves into the backstory of the two characters I play in weekly DnD campaigns. “Imber was only a boy when he first met the divine beast who would one day share his adventures.” The story is available to supporters at any level (Glimmer starts at $1/month), and it updates at least once a month. Today’s chapter is called “Good Customers.”

BnB 011

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Quarterly Art Card

Final Reminder. I don’t like to pester, so this is your final reminder for this quarter. If  you want to get in on the June art card mailing, hustle over to Patreon. “The Den” is available to  those who pledge $4/month (an up). A closer crop of Lara’s art can be found on this post. These incentives are limited edition … like the labels on Junzi chocolates. The next art card is scheduled for September, since we’re going all Amaranthine on this. Solstices and equinoxes! ::twinkle::

Art Card, The Den

The Den | Lara Pickle
4″ x 8″ art card



ART: The Den

Quarterly Art Card. This is a friendly reminder about my Patreon account and its incentives. One perk of patronage is the quarterly art card. These are offered in limited quantities and for a limited time. To receive “The Den,” which you can get a peek at on this post, become a patron before the end of May (pledges are collected at the first of the month). For some tiers, art cards are automatically sent. At others, you must request them. Here’s a close crop of the art, which was created by Lara Pickle.

The Den_crop

The Den – close crop

The full piece is quite cinematic and looks lovely on a 4 x 8″ card, which will mail out during the first week of June.


Quarterly Art Card

Incentive #001. One of the incentives I’m offering patrons (starting at the Twinkle tier) is a quarterly art card. The first will mail out in June. It’s a lovely depiction of the Cooper family that I commissioned earlier this year. (Guess what? Lara is working on art for all four of the Songs of the Amaranthine stories.)

Art Card, The Den

The Den | art by Lara Pickle

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Tiering Up

Are you a Twinkle? Want a Beacon’s status? I’ve established tiers on Patreon, which makes it possible for supporters to know exactly what they’ll be getting in exchange for their monthly pledges. At the Glimmer level, everyone is still getting what they were always getting, so we’ll call those the basics. But my generous impulses are now more structured for those who want to do a bit more.

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Patreon Tiers


Patreon Update

Are you a Glimmer? I’m working on tiers for my Patreon account, and FoxOfTwilight has been helping. One of my favorite parts of this system is that you can NAME the tiers and even give them each a little artistic flourish. For example, those who join by supporting with $1 to $3 a month will join the GLIMMER tier.


No pressure. Just keeping you posted because these are adorable. ::twinkle::

Bard & Barbarian

Bards Will Be Bards. A new chapter has been added to my Patreon-exclusive story, which I’ve promised to update at least once a month. (This is the third installment in April, so yay!) Bard & Barbarian on Patreon >>

BnB 009

In related news. Up until now, I’ve been working on a give-what-you-can basis, but I have been plotting in grateful ways. It’s time to add tiers … so that you pick your incentives. We’re hammering out details behind the scenes. Tiers should kick in for June.

Bard & Barbarian

Updated! There’s another update to Bard & Barbarian, which I post exclusively to Patreon as a way to thank my patrons. In Chapter 8: “Nameless,” Imber’s father and uncle test his bardic mettle.

BnB 008

In related news, FoxOfTwilight is working on art for my boys. After some waffling (because little!Imber is a cute little button), we decided to make the bard an adult for this dual portrait. Because little boys will soon grow up to have adventures of their own. ::twinkle::

Imber crop

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