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Starting Now. If you’re into my InuYasha stuff, I’m officially starting my fandom foray over on Ko-fi. Expect updates to Vassal throughout the day. (You can suggest a prompt on the “Prompt Me Promptly” post over there.) Miroku & Sesshoumaru are my opening act. I’ll add some chapters to Vassal today. The headliner is definitely Unexpected, and a new chapter will post around 4pm. Then I’ll wrap up for the day roundabout 5pm. All very low key. Drop by and chat with me there.

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Apple for the Teacher. To help celebrate the return of Unexpected to “active” status, we’ve added an apple pattern to the shops. Up until now, I focused on giving fandom book covers to completed stories. Over the next few months, we’ll fit in ongoing serials, then work our way through odds-and-ends, right down to the last drabble. ::twinkle::

Summary: Kagome is the principal of an elementary school. Inuyasha is one of their two janitors. [Contemporary AU. Inuyasha x Kagome] STORY LINK.

For those of you who don’t have much interest in my fandom writing, the only real connection you’ll care about is that … Unexpected is the story I borrowed a few things from for Tamiko and the Two Janitors. (Mostly an apple orchard, a local college, some town names, & two janitors, one of which indeed has red hair.) Honestly, the plot of Unexpected bears NO resemblance to Tamiko’s story. It’s unique. And I’m ready to see it through. Many thanks to readers who’ve waited more than a decade for an update. To quote the tale, “Courage has its reward.” And so does patience. 

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