Save the Date

Fourth Saturday. We’re into a new year, and I’m doing my best to stay on top of writing goals. This coming Saturday will be our first “Fandom Foray” event over on my Ko-fi account. I’ll be goofing off with fanfics for a few hours. We’re overdue for some Vassal updates, and Unexpected will see a new installment. Save the date! ::twinkle::

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Cub Reporter

Back to It. With one thing and another, this story’s been lulling. But with the busy season over, I’m aiming for weekly chapters again. Cub Reporter has updated with Ch7: “Hatching Plots.”

Summary: Sequel to News Hound. Iruka reaches the meeting point for his next undercover mission a day early. Terranean is a big enough city, getting lost in the crowds should be a cinch. But what’s lost can be found. And being found out would be disastrous. [Iruka & Kakashi/Sukea/Hound] A Naruto fanfic.