Fandom Foray

Tomorrow. Even though my usual 4th Saturday clashes badly with the huge Johto event for Pokemon GO!, I’ll still plan to update Unexpected and Vassal. In fact, I’ll be working on those chapters today, so go ahead and drop your prompt suggestions over on my Ko-fi account. ::twinkle::

On a related note, if you need a friend during Pokemon GO! Tour: Johto, drop me an email with your friend code: always dot forthright at gmail dot com.

Ko-fi Event

Starting Now. If you’re into my InuYasha stuff, I’m officially starting my fandom foray over on Ko-fi. Expect updates to Vassal throughout the day. (You can suggest a prompt on the “Prompt Me Promptly” post over there.) Miroku & Sesshoumaru are my opening act. I’ll add some chapters to Vassal today. The headliner is definitely Unexpected, and a new chapter will post around 4pm. Then I’ll wrap up for the day roundabout 5pm. All very low key. Drop by and chat with me there.

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This is… Unexpected

I’m fielding a fandom friend’s question here on the blog since my answer may be interesting to others (if not everyone). ::twinkle::

The Question
Don’t know where else to ask so here it goes. Will you be continuing ‘Unexpected’ on Not being demanding or anything, just need to quell my curiosity and also see if there’s any way to persuade you to finish it. It’s been my favorite for so long now.

. . .

My Answer
This is an excellent place to ask. And opportune timing, since I have recently added Unexpected to my writing schedule. I even announced it, though in a place where nobody knows to look for the little hints and rumors I enjoy generating.

I recently secured a Ko-fi account, which I plan to use for fandom fun. Beginning next year (tentatively March 2021) I will host a monthly “event,” reminiscent of Drabble/Drawble Nights of old. And as a finale for the day, I’ll add a new chapter to Unexpected.

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For those not familiar with the site, Ko-fi work like … like a tip jar. If you want to show your appreciation for my efforts, you can “buy me a coffee.” The money (all of it) is sent directly to my PayPal account. This is a good option for people who aren’t able to commit to a monthly pledge (that’s how Patreon works). Nothing much will happen over there until next year, when I pick up Unexpected and Vassal for our Ko-fi dates. Look forward to it!