Patreon is a site that helps connect creators with the people who love their stuff. By becoming a patron, you’ll be supporting ALL my creative endeavors by way of a monthly pledge.

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Godsend. As a writer, my income fluctuates wildly depending on digital and print books sales, fickle algorithms, occasional royalty checks, and all-important book releases. So I never really know how much money will be coming in. Which makes Patreon something of a godsend. I’m not sure I can adequately express how grateful I am for this source of steady, reliable income.

Practical stuff. Although I joke about spending all my money on books (especially manga), I’m quietly running a business from home. Website ownership, online tools, monthly subscriptions—those fees add up. I work with (and pay) graphic designers, editors, and illustrators. I also have to juggle book inventories and shipping materials/costs. And from time to time, I need to chip in on household expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) in order to make ends meet. Such is life.

Incentives. This is the fun part. As a way to thank my patrons, I’ve come up with a variety of small gestures and exclusive content. For instance, there’s a Patreon-only story that updates (at least) once a month. Bard & Barbarian is an original adventure about the two characters I play in a DnD campaign. Additionally, I’ve set up a community goal. Once I reach 400 patrons, I’ll begin posting a subscription story (available to those pledging $4/month or more). Loosely based on the old Amaranthine tale, ‘The Wolf and the Moon Maiden,’ this serial will involve three sisters, twelve pledges, and the long-awaited stirring of a sleeping landmark. (Yes, I’m talking about the Miyabe sisters. Yes, you’ll get in on more of Kimiko’s courtship of Eloquence Starmark.) I’m excited for that one. ::twinkle::

Tiers. Pick a level that suits your ability to give and/or your preferred incentives. I like sending mail, planning gifts, and running with themes. Snapshots. Sneak peeks. Stories. Snail mail. Signed books. Take your pick!

Patreon Tiers

Quarterly Art CardLIMITED EDITION! – “The Dance,” featuring Ricker & Fira from Followed by Thunder (Songs of the Amaranthine, #2) will be mailed out in time for the Autumn Equinox (September 22, 2020). NEXT TIME – In December, the Quarterly Art Card will feature “Heart of a Dog,” the love story that’s become a Christmas tradition in the world of the Amaranthine Saga. Plenty of time to join the growing throng!


The Dance, art by Lara Pickle

forthright on Patreon >>

If you’re already a supporter and want to encourage those considering patronage, drop a comment here. Your endorsement would mean a lot.  ~forthy


2 thoughts on “Patreon

  1. Worth it!! I love the little snapshots of Forthy’s life, the sneak peeks of what is to come, and of course, Bard and Barbarian is delightful.


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