New Shop, New Merch

Threadless & TeePublic. Twinkle Press has expanded onto a second site in time for my Fandom Anniversary. You can now compare prices (TeePublic is pretty good about running SALES) before you splurge. To make your life easier, I added a Shops! tab >>

What’s in store? New patterns from my fandom book covers! We have totes, of course.

They are available on masks, too, should you wish to add a subtle nod to fandom to your accessories.

And because someone requested it, we went the extra mile and added note cards, which are available on the Threadless site. Yay!

We’ll add new covers/patterns every week (on Tuesdays) to my fanfiction profile, to Goodreads, and to the merch on these sites. Enjoy!

Threadless   |   Tee Public

New Items!

Threadless Store. We’ve added three new patterns to the Twinkle Press storefront on Threadless. Check out these tote bags! They come in three sizes.

Moon and Stars | Storm Cloud | Ginkgo Leaves

And these days, it’s a cinch to have these patterns put on masks. They come in a couple of styles and a kids size. Accent your wardrobe (and stay safe) in Amaranthine style! ::twinkle::

TWINKLE PRESS on Threadless >>

Stay Safe

Amaranthine Masks. We’re delighted to announce that Threadless finally added masks to their orderables. That means you can support the Saga & Songs while staying safe. Currently, there are three patterns available in the Twinkle Press shop: forget-me-not, chrysanthemum, and buttons.

Masks, Bk1 and 2

Three styles. Premium masks are pictured above. Regular and Youth styles are also available. Prices vary.

Masks @ Twinkle Press >>

Do You See the Birds?

Daruma Mugs. The design of daruma (sometimes called wishing dolls) varies widely by region and artist in Japan. They’re used as a focus for goals. When you purchase one, its eyes aren’t filled in. You choose a goal or prayer, fill in one eye, and set it in a place where it serves as a reminder. And when your goal is achieved, you celebrate by filling in the second eye.

Two Mugs

Different colors represent different areas of life in which you might have goals. Red is traditional, and it symbolizes good luck or good fortune. Blue is specifically for those pursuing goals at school (academic achievement) or at work (success or promotion). We’ll eventually add more colors. Maybe more designs, too.

I designed this one as an homage to the avian clans. Do you see the birds?

Twinkle Press on Threadless >>


Grand Opening!

Threadless. It’s official. Twinkle Press has a storefront on Threadless, and we chose today (my fanniversary) as opening day. We kicked off with a few things: T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. We’ll probably be adding new designs at regular intervals. Brainstorming has been fun. (Feel free to suggest stuff!)

Cheese and Crackers Tee

Fun Fact: I wroted that m’self. Verrah proud.

Twinkle Press on Threadless >>