Tuesday’s Tote. (Yes, I’m a day late, but that’s how it goes some weeks.) Every week, I’ve been posting a new fandom book cover to Goodreads & to the fanfic site. As an added bonus, the new pattern is available in my Threadless & TeePublic shopfronts. Totes, masks, backpacks, zipper bags, journals, and note cards are available. This week we’re adding an homage to Affinity.

Summary: He was the last thing Kagome expected to discover in the modern era… a youkai. When Kurama cannot turn his back on the loneliness in her eyes, she’s slowly drawn into his world… and he into hers. Kagome & Kurama/Youko. Canon Divergent. IY x YYH Crossover.

Read Affinity here >>
Affinity on Goodreads >>

I’m not a fan of crossovers, so of course I had to try one. Back in the day, Kurama x Kagome was a huge ship, but I wouldn’t say I went into it for the romantic potential. I was more fascinated with the differences between a hanyou like Inuyasha, who is half of two things … and someone like Kurama, who is both two people and one person.  The serial is now complete.

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