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Mikoto and the Reaver Village – NOW AVAILABLE!
Hemmed in Silver – releases November 4, 2020


Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
(Amaranthine Saga, #2) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Tamiko and the Two Janitors (Amaranthine Saga, #3) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4) – NOW AVAILABLE!


Marked by Stars (Songs of the Amaranthine, #1) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Followed by Thunder (Songs of the Amaranthine, #2) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Dragged through Hedgerows (Songs of the Amaranthine, #3) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4) – NOW AVAILABLE!
Hemmed in Silver (Songs of the Amaranthine, #5) – pre-order now!

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Lord Mettlebright’s Man (Amaranthine Interludes, #1) – begins here

Mood Stripes (IY fanfic, SessKag, Canon Divergence) – begins here

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Fandom Prompt Collection:
Mood Stripes | Savvy | Lord Mettlebright’s Man

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Book Boxes

Prettier in Person. I couldn’t be happier with the arrival of several book boxes on my front step. Rolling up my sleeves for a quick tally & inspection, then I’ll get my fingers all inky with the stamping. The evening will undoubtedly be spent signing your books.

Mr. Right will lug the first shipment to the post office tomorrow. You still have time to place an order. Details on how to do that are on the Signed Books page >>

Cross and Crosser

InuYasha x Amaranthine Saga. I’m calling this the day’s finale. You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you? ::twinkle::

Summary: Sesshoumaru applies for adoption at Stately House, but Argent Mettlebright won’t let his orphans go to just anyone. Especially not to a dog who cannot produce a satisfactory pedigree. Reinforcements arrive on either side of the standoff. (IY x Amaranthine Saga crossover) Canon Divergence.

Read Cross and Crosser >>

Camphor & Kouki

Mushishi x My Neighbor Totoro. A new chapter has been added to Camphor & Kouki. To my (embarrassed) amusement, the LAST time I updated the story was … on my last fanniversary. (Slowest moving storyline EVER.)

Story Summary: Ginko regrets using the Uroana as a shortcut. He’s having trouble pinpointing where he’s come out, and he’s at a loss on how to get back. But in the meantime, perhaps he can do some good. A trail of acorns, a camphor tree, two sisters, a mushishi, and a highly unconventional mountain master. Crossover. [Mushishi x My Neighbor Totoro]

News Hound

New Story. New Fandom. I’ve always sort of wanted to write for the Naruto fandom. (Iruka is my all-time favorite ninja. So there.) Early this year, I started messing with News Hound on the side. Just a scene here or there, in between all the other things I was supposed to be doing. (I like having an escape!story for days when I’m feeling rebellious.) Lo, and behold, the thing behaved so well, it’s essentially complete. TWO chapters to give you a running start. New chapters will post every Tuesday.

Summary: Iruka is sent undercover on a mission that bears every resemblance to an enforced vacation. It’s the world’s most boring assignment. And the loneliest. Until a chatty photojournalist named Sukea starts hanging around. Canon Divergence. [Iruka & Kakashi/Sukea/Hound]

Read News Hound >>

New Shop, New Merch

Threadless & TeePublic. Twinkle Press has expanded onto a second site in time for my Fandom Anniversary. You can now compare prices (TeePublic is pretty good about running SALES) before you splurge. To make your life easier, I added a Shops! tab >>

What’s in store? New patterns from my fandom book covers! We have totes, of course.

They are available on masks, too, should you wish to add a subtle nod to fandom to your accessories.

And because someone requested it, we went the extra mile and added note cards, which are available on the Threadless site. Yay!

We’ll add new covers/patterns every week (on Tuesdays) to my fanfiction profile, to Goodreads, and to the merch on these sites. Enjoy!

Threadless   |   Tee Public


September 22. Today is my fandom anniversary, which I mark (most years) by beginning, ending, and/or variously updating my fanfics. This year is the 14th Anniversary, and I have Planz. Let’s begin with an unveiling.

Forthright Fanfiction. This summer, I took the plunge and ordered up some book covers for my fanfics. They’ll begin appearing over on my fanfiction profiles AND on Goodreads, where you can now “get credit” for reading my stories. Here are the first four:

ALL of my fanfics are scheduled to get shiny new covers. (Yeah, it’s added up over the years. And I’m far from done.) I’ll focus first on completed stories. Then focus on completing stories. New Covers will be unveiled weekly. How do Tuesdays work for you?

Forthright Fanfiction on Goodreads >>

Squee Post

Mikoto and the Reaver Village. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the series. ::twinkle::


Release Day!

Release DaySeptember 22, 2020

This summer is his last chance to win his first love.
Wardenclave has always been a place of secrets and sway. For most of the year, the remote mountain village is closed off from the rest of the world, but each spring, they issue invitations to the most promising young reavers all over the world. Summer skill camps provide opportunities for the elite to train with the best. And by longstanding tradition, for teens of the In-between to evaluate the compatibility of their peers. Glint Starmark’s reputation as a matchmaker has been holding true for millennia.

At seventeen, Mikoto Reaver is the youngest headman in Wardenclave’s history. He’s had very little time to adjust to his new role before their close-knit community opens its doors to children of pedigree, the specialists who will mentor them, an allotment of battlers, and a celebrity or two. Glint means well, but Mikoto won’t commit until he can speak to the only girl he’s ever loved. There’s just something about her.

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If you’ve already begun reading, hold onto your comments and put them on the Squee Post. (I want this thread to remain spoiler free.)


Release Eve

If you haven’t checked your e-reader in a hot minute, give it a peek. My copy of Mikoto and the Reaver Village arrived almost an hour ago. ::twinkle::

Official Release Day / Fanniversary posts will begin posting once the calendar shows it’s the 22nd in my time zone.

Cross and Crosser

Teaser! I’m running out of days in which to titillate your imaginations, so have another teaser. Remember when I said I was working on a crossover fic in which Argent meets Sesshoumaru? Welp, it’s finished. I’ll post it on Tuesday as part of my Fandom Anniversary festivities, but here’s a tiny foretaste:

Fun Fact: The crest for Argent Mettlebright’s house features frost-edged ginkgo leaves.

Afterthought: If you haven’t reread Lord Mettlebright’s Man recently, I suggest doing so before plunging into Cross and Crosser. Go on. It’ll be fun. Starts here >>

Personal Touches

Days Away. Counting today, we’re four days away from the release of Mikoto and the Reaver Village. The digital edition should deploy right on schedule, but print books will likely be delayed. I see you can now pre-order the print edition of Book 4 on Amazon. That’s good. They might even drop-ship from the printer, which usually means a quick turnaround. Signed copies will be a little slower to reach you, but I’m doing my best to make them worth the wait. Oh, look! Here’s a reason, now: