Personal Touches. If you’ve ordered books from me before, you know that I stamp them. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to put on them … a little detail that’s significant to the story, but not too big a spoiler. This time around, there’s a moon in the mix. I played around, trying to settle on colors.


Here’s a refresher peek at Kimiko. For Tsumiko, it’s just the 4thy stamp.

Kimiko's Stamps

There’s still time to get your own SIGNED BOOKS >> (I’ll probably be at the post office at least twice today!) ::twinkle::

Perks of Author-Signed Books

The SWAG has landed. Pretty, shimmery promo cards for Followed by Thunder will be tucked into outgoing copies of Tamiko and the Two Janitors, which are scheduled to drop onto forthy’s doormat this afternoon … and zip like codes to readers first thing Friday morning. There’s still time to get into that first batch of books. Order a personalized copy! SIGNED BOOKS >>

Followed by Swag

P.S. The books (print and digital) are showing up in ALL the online venues now, if you prefer to purchase through your usual vendor. ::twinkle::

Because details…

Sealed with a Sock. I’ve been filling out address labels all afternoon, and I thought you might enjoy a peek. Because I’m mixing things up. (Well, let’s hope I haven’t mixed up your mystical digits of finding.) What I mean is … we updated the address labels in honor of Tamiko and the Two Janitors. Because labels can be swag, too. ::twinkle::



If you want a signed copy, the first batch of books will ship first thing Friday. Details on placing that order are on this page – SIGNED BOOKS >>

All the Things, All the Places

All Systems Go. Details are my delight (even when they stage an ambush). I’m slouching in to report that ALL the things have been variously uploaded to, implemented at, and ordered from ALL the places. Tamiko is at the printer. The rubber stamp for this book’s personal touch is ordered. New address labels are on the way, as is assorted swag. Oh, and I had to buy BIGGER blue mailers for readers who are already asking me to ship signed books in multiples greater than two. Travis has the manuscript and a run-down of the cast’s personality profiles so he can begin narration. (He sent me audio samples last night, and I may have been grinning foolishly throughout my listen.)


And because I know you want to ask…

  • Print editions should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual bookstores this week. Nope, I don’t know exactly when. Processing varies.
  • Ebooks should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual bookstores (other than Amazon, where it’s been available for ages) within the next few days. Again, I don’t have any way of knowing when. This stuff’s mostly automated.
  • Yes, I’ll be picking up my fanfics again. Mood Stripes and Savvy will be back this week.
  • If you’ve already placed your order with me for a signed copy of Tamiko and the Two Janitors, I’ll be getting back to you in the next day or two to answer questions and confirm your orders.
  • According to tradition, I’ve revealed the title and summary of Bk4 at the end of the print edition. Will you peek ahead or won’t you? (I’m strictly a no-peeking reader m’self.)
  • And because I really never stop … I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, working up the next Songs of the Amaranthine short story, which I’d like to release later this fall.


Will you still finish Unexpected, even though you’re publishing Tamiko and the Two Janitors?

Oh, I’ll have to. Unexpected (my InuYasha AU featuring Kagome as an elementary school principal and Inuyasha & Shippo as janitors) is a VERY different story from the third book in the Amaranthine Saga. I definitely borrowed a few details. And then I may have borrowed a few other details. But the finished book serves the Saga. Fandom will have to wait its turn (but it will get one).



Signed Copies

Open for Pre-Orders. Tamiko and the Two Janitors will release later this month. As promised, I’m now accepting pre-orders from those wanting an author-signed copy. Order details are under the SIGNED BOOKS tab, or simply click here >>

This book is longer (yay!) which means print and shipping costs are higher (yipe!), so I need to nudge up your cost for Bk3 to $25 USD. You can still request copies of Tsumiko or Kimiko for $20 USD. Bookplates will also be available for those who purchase their print book locally (or just happen to want ALL the things).

Amaranthine Saga 03, Tamiko and the Two Janitors by FORTHRIGHT

I’ll keep track of orders, but I may not respond to your email immediately. Patience, please! I’m up to my twinkles getting every little thing ready for release day. Fwee! This is so exciting!

Pre-Order Tamiko

Tamiko and the Two Janitors. Great news! The digital edition is now available for pre-order for those who buy ebooks on Amazon.

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Amaranthine Saga 03, Tamiko and the Two Janitors by FORTHRIGHT

In doing her part for world peace, she puts one crosser’s whole world at risk.  Conspiracy theories, werewolf scares, and protest rallies have hampered the peace process in America, where social and political unrest keep most Amaranthine from declaring themselves. Those not in seclusion rely heavily on illusion to mask their true nature.

As the newly appointed principal of a small elementary school, Tamiko Reaverson is doing her part for world peace. She rallies her community’s support and applies for Hisoka Twineshaft’s school revitalization project, which will bring Amaranthine to her hometown. Little does Tami realize that Fletching was founded by one of the oldest and largest urban enclaves in the United States. And two of her staunchest supporters—janitors at her school—share a secret neither wants exposed.

Release Date: July 22, 2019