The Ancient Magus’ Bride 6


The latest volume of The Ancient Magus’ Bride by Kore Yamazaki arrived with a bonus. The special booklet contains a sweet little side story. This series continues to enthrall me with its art and storytelling. On a related note, the first episode of an anime is currently available on Crunchyroll. I indulged my curiosity and was mildly surprised that Continue reading

Mail Order Manga: Behind the Scenes 02


The second volume of Bisco Hatori’s Behind the Scenes came out over the summer, giving readers the opportunity to get to know more about the cast. The story is set on a college campus with four different film clubs. Ranmaru, the timid main character, joins the Visual Arts Club, which specializes in props, costumes, make-up, special effects, and all the other things that need to happen behind the scenes. Continue reading