Mail-Order Manga: The Case Study of Vanitas

Case Study of Vanitas 01

I mentioned this manga earlier, when I had it on pre-order. The Case Study of Vanitas is the newest series from Jun Mochizuki, who authored the (now complete) Pandora Hearts manga. It’s possible to keep up with each installment as they release in Japan, but I’m holding off and purchasing the books as they release. (Aren’t I old fashioned?)

First impressions: giddy delight with a side of clamoring for more. It’s all steampunk and Paris and lavish and lovely. We’re introduced first to Noé, a dapper young vampire with pink eyes and a top hat. Here’s a snapshot of the interior art on Volume 1…

Case Study of Vanitas

The set-up promises a deliciously complex plot, and the two main characters clash and complement one another by turns. Mochizuki creates the most amazing moments in each panel—action, tension, humor, breathless discovery, and careless camaraderie. I suspect I shall adore this series! ::twinkle::

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