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Commissioning Art. I haven’t done a Twitter poll in a while, but I’ve been inspired by one of my resolutions for 2020. I want to commission at least one piece of art every month, either of characters or scenes from my stories. Certainly a splurge. But it’s a treat I can share. Options are manifold, so I thought a poll would be fun. Who do you think is most “deserving” of art?

Art Deserving

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If you don’t have a Twitter account & can’t vote there, by all means, shout out in comments. ::twinkle::

Good Fortune

Reminder! There’s a Fortune Cookie Challenge underway, and it’d be a shame for any of the (admittedly extensive) cast of the Songs & Saga to be left out. Have some fun, get creative, and your fortune may find its way onto one of these snazzy graphics! ::twinkle::

Tsumiko, from Fairy_Grimace

Kip, DarumaSan

Akira, from Willing1111

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Fortune Cookie Challenge

Confessions of a Collector. It’s becoming established I collect many things. Those who’ve begun supporting me on Patreon even have photographic evidence. My collections aren’t always big and grand. Sometimes, they’re small and simple … and ride around in my coin purse for months … and have been piling up in a small box for years. Case in point: Continue reading

Hint, Hint

Up Next. I tweeted a teaser this morning about the next Songs of the Amaranthine title. While these short stories have always been intended to stand alone, I somehow still manage to give them a teensy tie-in to the main series. This time, that link is … Evernhold. You know what that means, don’t you? ::twinkle::

Cover reveal for Songs #4 is on the calendar for December!

Songs of the Amaranthine

Have you read (or recently re-read) Followed by Thunder? The history and culture of the horse clans is interesting stuff. ::twinkle::

ebook coming in May

One sister, a pure light that beckons, the other, a fierce light that burns. Fira and her sister are chased out of another village. Fleeing on foot across the empty moors, they’re caught by a storm that roars like the monsters ever in pursuit. But the wind changes and the thundering brings a stampede of defenders who carry them off to a secret place. Where mares dance and rabbits mine. Where the lost clans hid a lasting treasure. Where the girls’ curse is considered a blessing.


RELEASE DAY – Songs #3

Songs of the Amaranthine is a collection of short stories set in Forthright’s Amaranthine universe. Before the Emergence, the clans were nothing more than whispers and mysteries and legends and lore. But every so often—in out-of-the-way places or shockingly close to home—an unsuspecting person stumbled into a fateful encounter with someone who was decidedly other. An eclectic collection, spanning continents and centuries. Tales of adventure, discovery, friendship, rescue, belonging, and love. Each short story stands alone and can be read in any order.

He had one job. Becoming a family pet wasn’t it.

Songs of the Amaranthine 03, Dragged through Hedgerows

Dragged through Hedgerows. For the sake of his people, Daroo-fen has lived among humans, working as a lawyer in a little mountain town. He’s vowed to protect the surrounding woodlands, no matter the cost. But in the course of duty, he meets a man who needs help … and a friend. Too long a loner, Daroo cannot keep away, but there’s a fine line between getting close and getting too close. If the Cooper family finds out his secret, two worlds might brand the wolf a traitor.

Now Available!

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