Patchy Updates

Not Exactly Lulling. I received several nudges last week, reminding me that I missed updates on some of my stories. This happens periodically, and it’s nothing to worry about. I usually try to “write ahead” so I can post chapters regularly, but I’ve caught up to myself. No reserves. And rather busy with Bk6 at the moment. Also I tend to pile a lot into November (word sprints, festive plans, seasonal mailings, extra shopping, family stuff) so I can take it easy in December. Which means … patchy updates for a while.

Speaking of seasonal mailings, I’ve revealed the Quarterly Art Card for December over on Patreon. This winter scene will round out a collection of four commissions by Lara Pickle for the first four short stories in Songs of the Amaranthine. “The Dark” features a moment in Marked by Stars, and it turned out very pretty, since it’s printed on pearlescent paper. (The snow & sky, they shine!)

If you want to get in on these quarterly mailings (and so many other perks), check out my Patreon, where I appreciate my supporters & try to keep things interesting. ::twinkle::

Close Crop of “The Dark,” art by Lara Pickle. Other illustrations in this set were “The Dance” (for Songs 02), “The Den” (for Songs 03), and “The Drama” (for Songs 04).

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Quarterly Art Card

Perks of Patronage. I do try to reward those who support me over on Patreon with exclusive content. There are stories (currently spinning out Bard & Barbarian). Narrated chapters (of BnB) by Travis Baldree. And there are a variety of options that mean fun stuff in your mailbox. Most recently, I’ve begun adding story snippets. Amaranthine outtakes that are printed on postcards or art cards, much like September’s Quarterly Art Card.

Printed on felted paper, this 5×7″ art card features an illustration I commissioned last year. “The Drama” by Lara Pickle. She did a piece for each of the first four Songs of the Amaranthine stories. “Name Game” is an original story snippet, set after the events of Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4).

You can still get in on this mailing if you join as a patron before the end of the month. The Quarterly Art Card perk starts at the Twinkle tier ($4/month). Thank you for supporting me and my stories, wherever they may be found!

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Art Card

September’s Mailing. It’s August 1, so I’m revealing the Quarterly Art Card, which is one of the main perks I offer to supporters on Patreon. “The Dance” features Ricker & Fira from Followed by Thunder (Songs of the Amaranthine, #2).

The Dance, art by Lara Pickle

“The Dance” | art by Lara Pickle

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Community Goal – Progress!
82 / 400

Once I reach 400 patrons, I’ll begin posting a subscription story (available to those pledging $4/month or more). Loosely based on the old Amaranthine tale, ‘The Wolf and the Moon Maiden,’ this serial will involve three sisters, twelve pledges, and the long-awaited stirring of a sleeping landmark. (Yes, I’m talking about the Miyabe sisters. Yes, you’ll get in on more of Kimiko’s courtship of Eloquence Starmark.)

Quarterly Art Card

Incentive #001. One of the incentives I’m offering patrons (starting at the Twinkle tier) is a quarterly art card. The first will mail out in June. It’s a lovely depiction of the Cooper family that I commissioned earlier this year. (Guess what? Lara is working on art for all four of the Songs of the Amaranthine stories.)

Art Card, The Den

The Den | art by Lara Pickle

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