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Quote Graphics. While creating all the lovely book covers for my fanfiction, we included quote graphics, which make it fun (and cute) to share snippets from my stories. Next time I reread a fic, I’ll keep an eye out for lines I like. In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to suggest some? Send me favorite lines from any of my stories (fanfics & originals), and they may end up on quote graphics like these. ::twinkle::

My email is … or you can simply make suggestions in comments.

Camphor & Kouki

Mushishi x My Neighbor Totoro. A new chapter has been added to Camphor & Kouki. To my (embarrassed) amusement, the LAST time I updated the story was … on my last fanniversary. (Slowest moving storyline EVER.)

Story Summary: Ginko regrets using the Uroana as a shortcut. He’s having trouble pinpointing where he’s come out, and he’s at a loss on how to get back. But in the meantime, perhaps he can do some good. A trail of acorns, a camphor tree, two sisters, a mushishi, and a highly unconventional mountain master. Crossover. [Mushishi x My Neighbor Totoro]

Cross and Crosser

Teaser! I’m running out of days in which to titillate your imaginations, so have another teaser. Remember when I said I was working on a crossover fic in which Argent meets Sesshoumaru? Welp, it’s finished. I’ll post it on Tuesday as part of my Fandom Anniversary festivities, but here’s a tiny foretaste:

Fun Fact: The crest for Argent Mettlebright’s house features frost-edged ginkgo leaves.

Afterthought: If you haven’t reread Lord Mettlebright’s Man recently, I suggest doing so before plunging into Cross and Crosser. Go on. It’ll be fun. Starts here >>


Kouga stared at the unconscious man in the bed with mixed feelings. I could kill him. His gaze flicked to the young woman clinging determinedly to Hojo’s hand, and he dismissed the notion. Damn… I don’t have time for this!  With a annoyed flick of his tail, Kouga grabbed a handful of striped pajamas. “Hey, human! Snap out of it already!” he growled. “Beauty sleep’s over!”

Savvy, Ch16 “Easily Flustered”

Trying for Thursday updates for this fanfic, which is Kouga x Kagome in nature. If you’re willing to contribute prompts, I’d be grateful! Over on this post >>