7 thoughts on “That epic adventure…

  1. I just finished rereading this series last weekend. It’s a classic! Love, love, love how you interwove the events that happened when she goes to the way past and how they affected the future she had before she even traveled back to Sesshoumaru’s childhood. Simply masterful!

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  2. Unspoiled and Whimsy are related now. QvQ (I just finished reading Whimsy today, omg I can’t believe I took so long when it was soooooo good! <3333)

    By the by, my brain decided to pipe up and say "Nothing like being called a silly goose by an ACTUAL goose," today.

    Should I be writing fanfiction for this, or is this perhaps already in the making somewhere? oAo

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      • But Forthy… your writings DO inspire a fandom. Tons of drawings on Deviant Art confirm it. I’ve seen a few stories, back in the day, from authors who were inspired by you. Recall the scary challenge fics with Kohaku I did on LJ all those years ago? 😉
        ::scampers away giggling::
        ~Lady A


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