That clunky first effort…

Although it’s tempting, I won’t overhaul Unsought, which was my very first effort at a full-length fanfic. It does things I’d never do now. Awkward and clunky, but full of good intentions. It’s where I started. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

6 thoughts on “That clunky first effort…

  1. I love Unsought. I’ve reread it more than once, and it always makes me cry. I usually avoid things that make me cry, but I love this story too much.

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  2. I love Unsought. I have loved everything that you have written so far. 🙂
    You have such a wonderful grasp of characterization and you have never rushed the story.
    This story gave me a lovely view of what Miroku COULD be in regards to being a serious character.
    You did a fantastic job of allowing him to be a serious character!

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    • I have another Mir/Kag plot tucked away, but I don’t DARE start another fanfic without first finishing up those awaiting their long-anticipated conclusions.

      ::ahem:: That standard does not apply to fanfics that I *may* have completed on the side over the last several months and will begin posting on my “fanniversary.”


  3. Ahahaha I know the feeling! So much cringe-worthy stuff in my past fics, but I keep them around to keep myself in check and to see how far I’ve grown. I’m still surprised when people fave and subscribe to them. ::sweat::


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