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Quote Graphics. While creating all the lovely book covers for my fanfiction, we included quote graphics, which make it fun (and cute) to share snippets from my stories. Next time I reread a fic, I’ll keep an eye out for lines I like. In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to suggest some? Send me favorite lines from any of my stories (fanfics & originals), and they may end up on quote graphics like these. ::twinkle::

My email is … or you can simply make suggestions in comments.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Favorites

  1. Omg. What’s the word limit?

    *takes out notebook where I’ve written down favorite quotes and have more than a few Forthy ones*


  2. Ahh, I can’t remember which chapter or the specific quote. But it was in Lord Charming. And the only part I remember (not really) is “it hurt knowing his best wouldn’t be her.”
    Or the one where Kagome outshines the moon at the demon party or whatever. This one was in Lord Charming as well:)


  3. In tones that sent thrills through her soul, Sesshourmaru gravely announced, “you are dangerous.” -LC, ch 461
    Hazy golden gaze locked with hers–rapt, ravenous, and full of resolve. -LC, ch 568
    …the tenor of his mood changed–smug, sly, and far too amused. -LC, ch 573

    I will be sure to lift quotes next time I read through your fics. It’ll take a while though–I’m not even halfway through the Threshold series yet!


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