Savvy Prompts

In the footer of updates to my drabble-based stories, I record the original posting date, the writing prompt, and the word count. At the moment, I’m gearing up to continue Savvy, a quirky tropical AU featuring Kouga and Kagome. I’ll keep the same storytelling format, with prompt-based chapters of 300 words or less. With that in mind… I’d appreciate a little inspiration!

This post is the place to suggest a prompt for future Savvy chapters. If I use yours, I’ll credit your suggestion. Here’s what I need:

  1. A one-word prompt
  2. Your name/penname/preferred pseudonym


34 thoughts on “Savvy Prompts

  1. Ohhh, congrats on finishing Lord Charming ❤ I admire your stamina! And i couldn't be happier that you're picking up Savvy next! So,… a couple of words in alphabetical order, then, in the hopes that something might speak to you:

    Chatoyant, Dalliance, Eloquence, Lithe and Surreptitious.

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  2. I have a couple of prompts! I’m very excited to see savvy pick back up!! Been waiting for it since high school haha.



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  4. Oh my! FINALLY! More of Savvy! Ok, here it goes.
    Fierce, power, tickles, cold, armor, sneaky, tiptoe, surprise, shampoo, wrinkly, running, gust, flourish, miss, talkative, family.
    Thank you for writting such amazing stories! Can’t wait for more!

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  5. Hooray! I can’t wait to read the new updates!
    Thanks for all your work in bringing theses wonderful stories to us!

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  6. Can’t wait for more Savvy!

    Promps: Restrict, flicker, beguile, muffle, horn, propensity, nudge, remunerate, stifle, bulb, dust, rum, cloves, enclosure, glimpse, recovery, announcement, gutter, anticipation, threshold, relinquish, and haunt.

    Name’s Lauren.

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  8. Eschew
    Corrosive // Corrode

    Can I just reiterate how happy I am you’re back to Savvy?! SO HAPPY. QvQ Who do you think you’ll work on after this?


  9. *waves hands excitedly* i’m still waiting on my book to arrive but in the meantime, prompts!!

    – vivacious
    – fishing
    – depth
    – grief
    – sunset
    – sunrise
    – swear
    – tenuous
    – lyrical
    – vibration
    – claim
    – territory
    – quicksand
    – caught
    – null
    – productive

    as always, i am sylv.


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  11. Freedom, finality, forthcoming, karma, sparkle, smirk, swish, spark, burning, needle, erased, fluent, bead, alarm, thread, together, stuck, amidst, camouflage, treat, smug, needy, sweat, oath, hand, rain


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