Mail Order Manga: Frau Faust

This last week, the final episode of the anime for The Ancient Magus’s Bride was simulcast (wrapping up at 24 episodes, plus a movie). I’ve been rereading the manga (before reading the latest US release, Volume 8), and I *may* incubating a plot!biddie for a fanfic. All of which means that Kore Yamazaki captured both my heart and my imagination. So when I found out that the mangaka has another series underway … I immediately sent for it!

Frau Faust

I haven’t read it yet (saving it as a treat for hitting my writing goals), so no spoilers, please! ::twinkle::

3 thoughts on “Mail Order Manga: Frau Faust

  1. THIS IS NEXT ON MY LIST. I’m trying to see if I want to continue with another series first (Girl from the Other Side – which I like the artwork and ambiance, but I’m finding it too much Ancient Magus Bride to capture my attention fully). Plus also catch up on The Royal Tutor since holy stars I didn’t realize so many books were out for it!


  2. I love The Ancient Magus Bride. I kind of stumbled on it and just fell in love. I’m going to check out the anime later. I’ve been eyeing The Girl from the Other Side but Frau Faust looks like fun. Thanks for the update. Cheers!


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