Mail Order Manga: World Chronicle 01

Tsubasa World Chronicles 01

I’ve been on a CLAMP kick lately, in part because the more of their stories you read, the more you appreciate their stories. The ladies of CLAMP are known for story overlaps and allusions, and a savvy reader can spot crossover references, props, places, and people. I think one of the reasons I love this so much is that I have the same tendencies in my storytelling. It’s fun!

I stumbled across Tsubasa World Chronicle because I saw a piece of brain-breaking official art featuring Syaoran and a main character from Gate 7, which I’d recently read. Hunting down the source led me to CLAMP’s continuation. The story picks up where Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle left off, and it’ll make the most sense if you’ve also read xxxHolic and xxxHolic Rei (which I have). Bonus: Volume 2 of Tusbasa World Chronicle, which I had on pre-order, shipped this morning.

More reasons to smile: Watanuki, Kurogane, Fai

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