Manga Review: Gate 7, Vol. 1

Gate 7, Vol. 1 by CLAMP, Dark Horse Manga

“Is that a girl? Or… a boy…?” —Chikahito, Gate 7

Gate 7, vol 1 by CLAMPChikahito Takamoto, a high school boy from Tokyo with a fondness for history in general and Kyoto in particular, pays a visit to that city’s landmarks. At a shrine, he spots two men and a beautiful (yet confusingly androgynous) kid sitting in a tree. Shadowy serpents suddenly attack, and these mysterious strangers do battle, saving Chikahito’s life.

He faints and wakes in their company…at the Uri-Shichiken Hana Machi. The men assume he’s ordinary enough, but they can’t exclude him when they envelope an area, and they can’t erase his memory. Chikahito wants an explanation, but the pretty kid grabs his hand, drags him out front, and kisses him. Continue reading