Mail Order Manga: Bride’s Story

Bride's Story.JPG

Bride’s Story isn’t Kaoru Mori’s first manga. I’d heard of her previous series, Emma, which has been on my To Read list for ages. But the summary for Bride’s Story snagged my interest, so I ordered the first three volumes. Oh, my… love at first page!

Set in an era of yurts and nomadic goatherds, we’re introduced to Amir, a feisty young woman of twenty, and her brand new husband. Karluk is twelve.

Bride's Story 01, page

One of the biggest draws to this manga-ka’s storytelling is definitely the art. Jaw-dropping detail abounds. Yen Press really makes these titles stand out. Bride’s Story is my first encounter with hardcover manga.

Bride's Story, detail

I’m three volumes into the series, and I’m intrigued by the cultural details… and enthralled by the gentle progression of this couple’s relationship. Eager for more (and shipping Karluk x Amir so hard). They’re adorable.

Bride's Story, spread

5 thoughts on “Mail Order Manga: Bride’s Story

  1. I’m a big fan of Emma, but Bride’s Story is my favorite of hers. The attention to detail, the interweaving of the plot threads, the historical details…its just beautiful. I love how Mori gives us so many different facets of love, family, friendship and community throughout as well. And I’m such an Amir X Karluk shipper. I love that Yen Press puts them out in hardcover – yes a bit more expensive for me to collect, but so very very worth it (incidentally her short story manga compilation Anything and Something, is a great look into her thought process and evolution)

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    • This is one of those stories that truly transports the reader. Collecting these must be a wise investment, for I’ll reread them for years to come. I plan to request Emma at my local library… eventually. (I’m afraid to fall in love all over again and destroy what little book-buying restraint I have.)

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      • Oh Emma..I remember reading it when it first came out–which I was in my action-shounen stage of reading, so it was VERY DIFFERENT–and loving it. The good news is, if you do fall in love, the new bind-ups are considerably less expensive then the individual out of print vols!

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