Pale Shadows

Tuesday’s Tote. Once a week, I’m posting a new fandom book cover to Goodreads & to the fanfic site. As an added bonus, the new pattern is available in my Threadless & TeePublic shopfronts. Totes, masks, backpacks, zipper bags, journals, and note cards are available. This week we’re adding an homage to Pale Shadows.

Summary: It’s Halloween, and Kagome keeps catching glimpses of something … or someone … out of the corner of her eye. An imposing presence, an implicit threat, and a message from beyond. Oneshot. Canon Divergence. Modern Era. [Sesshoumaru x Kagome]

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Ghost Story. This oneshot (8,000~ words) was written for a Halloween fic!exchange thingie over on Dokuga. The story is ooooold, but it holds true. (Just reread it, and I’m proud of how it turned out.) I’m pretty sure that it was shortly after I posted this fic that I started getting requests for a Kagome x InuPapa stories. Eheh. Can’t deny I’d have fun with the pairing. ::twinkle::

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