Brew & Bubble

As Seen on Patreon. Whether you call it boba tea, bubble tea, or even pearl shakes, these drinks are something I first discovered when I moved to California. I’ve tried so many flavors! My favorites are a Vietnamese coffee shake & several of the real fruit smoothies my local Boba Bar serves up. Just yesterday, I was craving a melon one. Lovely stuff.

If you’re a patron (or if you ordered a signed book from me), you may have received one of the promotional postcards pictured below, which includes a short story snippet (on the reverse) that takes place in the setting of Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate. Brew & Bubble is the coffee shop at a local museum/art center, and they serve both coffee & assorted teas (including those boba smoothies I love). The art turned out so cute, we put it on totes! Now available.

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