Happy Valentine’s Day

First and Last and Always. The Amaranthine Saga begins with Argent and Tsumiko, and later this year, when the final book in the main series releases, we’ll be right back at Stately House. Happy Valentine’s Day, reading friends! ::twinkle::

Bonded | art by FoxOfTwilight

ART: Opal the Sage

Opulence Windlore. When this dragon clansman showed up for Bathed in Moonlight, it must have been a “confluence of destinies,” because he charmed his way into all my future plans for the Amaranthine Saga (and quite possibly a future Interlude). A song-writer and storyteller of some fame, he’s long-winded, high-handed, self-important, and often smug … yet somehow manages to be (as Sinder would put it) one of the good guys. Opal is due to recur in Bk7. ::twinkle::

. . .

Where are my manners?” Seyroo beckoned him closer. “Char, this good dragon is Opulence Windlore, widely known as Opal the Sage, a tale-bringer and lore-singer in high demand throughout the Widelands.”
“Charmed,” said the dragon, whose smile was winsome and wily.

Bathed in Moonlight
(Songs of the Amaranthine, #7)

Opal the Sage | Art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Oooh. I happen to have a clip from Bathed in Moonlight, in which Opal presents Char with a choice:

The Final Miko

Coming in Autumn 2023. We’ll call this my “official” cover reveal for Bk7, even though (as usual) I slipped an early peek at this cover into signed copies of Bk6 that went out last October. It’s tradition. I’ve always given the title of the next book at the end of Pimiko’s digital editions, but print editions always also include a bonus: the summary. Today, you’ll have it all in one place!

One bachelor is love-shy. One is unrequited.
One is much-loved. One is blindsided.