The Final Miko

Coming in Autumn 2023. We’ll call this my “official” cover reveal for Bk7, even though (as usual) I slipped an early peek at this cover into signed copies of Bk6 that went out last October. It’s tradition. I’ve always given the title of the next book at the end of Pimiko’s digital editions, but print editions always also include a bonus: the summary. Today, you’ll have it all in one place!

One bachelor is love-shy. One is unrequited.
One is much-loved. One is blindsided.

Argent Mettlebright knows how to keep a secret safe, but it’s only a matter of time before someone notices that Hisoka Twineshaft has disappeared from the political arena. With tensions on the rise, the world needs his leadership more than ever.
  Nobody wants to help Sensei more than Isla Ward, but his door is barred against her. Right, then. She has a plan, and she has a co-writer. Maybe with their next book, her hopes will finally reach her mentor.
  With spring’s arrival, Stately House’s enclave stands ready to welcome a Scattering. The estate has never been more secure, but Tsumiko wouldn’t call the resulting sanctuary peaceful. Too many battered souls. Too many wistful glances. But with the help of a dragon bard’s lullabies and an impish crosser’s confidence, she leads her ever-growing family.
  Seeds to plant. Imps to hatch. Winds to change. Rogues to lure. Hearts to win. Vows to keep. Lives to share.

.    .    .

Rhomiko and the Confirmed Bachelor
Coming in Autumn 2023

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.    .    .

That tagline? Yep, that’s four bachelors. Care to venture a guess as to who they’ll be? ::twinkle::

7 thoughts on “The Final Miko

  1. Hm. I’m going to guess…. Jacques, Hisoka, Sinder, and Lapis? If not Sinder then Timur.
    As for who is who… hm. Hisoka for unrequited, Jacques for much loved, Timur or Sinder for love-shy, and Lapis for blindsided?


    • …not me hopping that Ginkgo would give Isla a second look. Well, he did helped raise her since birth, so I guess that should be awkward. But still! 😓😓😓 I saw Ginkgo with no other, but it turns out Isla moved on to Hisoka. The unattainable bachelor! Can’t say that Isla shies away from challenges.

      But wait, isn’t Hisoka another father figure? 😵 Ok, ok zipping on that department.

      You have a lot to unpack in this last book. Like a whole lotta LOT.

      Are you sure this is the last book? I wouldn’t be mad in the slightest if you needed another book… or two.

      Well, thank you for this world you created. It’s been a ride. Looking forward to autumn and everything in between.


  2. Love-shy would be Hisoka
    Unrequited…. Opal, I think
    Much loved definitely sounds like Lapis
    And blindsided kinda sounds like Sinder
    Ginko also feels like a possibility, with Inti.


  3. Winds to change… I have to ask without spoiling! Does a certain wind-shepherd from Pimiko have a lore-significant number of friends under Kusunoki’s branches, perhaps?


  4. I’m going to cry by the end, aren’t I? So is the “confirmed bachelor” one of the 4 who ends up eating his words or a 5th secret one who manages to escape Cupid’s arrow? XD
    (not actually looking for answer so don’t worry)


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