Pokemon GO!

2022 in Review. I received a message from Niantic with a roundup of my year. How many kilometers I walked, how many spinners spun, how many Pokemon I caught, how many raids I participated in … that sort of thing. And I also earned a … title?

Apparently, I’m a good & loyal friend, so if you need one (in-game) … comment or drop me an email with your trainer code. ::twinkle::

11 thoughts on “Pokemon GO!

      • Hello Elymnifoquent,

        Robert & I share emails and our Pokémon Go account… Enjoy the Journey to ‘Catch them All’!

        Looking forward to #7 this fall, already on my calendar 😉



  1. Pokemon Gooooooooo !
    My husband and I would both love to be Pokemon trainer-y friends with you.
    Me (TuonAndMat) 2754 5630 7538
    Him (MatAndTuon) 4659 1332 5092

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