Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto

I Choose You! Every once in a while, I mention here on the blog that I play Pokemon GO. (Daily. Devotedly. Obsessively.) Yes, I’m taking part in the Kanto event (2/20). Nearly all of my in-game friends are readers, which I think is quite spiffy. I love sending gifts & stickers & raid invites, so if you share my little hobby, you’re welcome to send me your friend code. My email is always.forthright at gmail dot com.

I Choose You | art by FoxOfTwilight

This could be the day.

Level 40. Those of you who play Pokemon GO! know what a big deal it is to hit Level 40 in the game. It became a bigger deal when it was announced (last month) that trainers who achieve this milestone before December 31 will get “legacy” status, commensurate bragging rights, extra goodies, and a cool hat. With enough raid invites (and maybe some new friends), I could potentially hit the XP goal and level up … today!

If you play Pokemon GO! and would like to be in-game friends, email your friends code: always.forthright @ gmail dot com. And if you catch wind of a raid in your area, drop me an invite. ::twinkle::

Post Fest Post

#PokemonGOFest2020 took up most of my weekend, and in the nicest way. I had fun, which was my only real goal. I’ve never experienced the like, and I’m glad I decided to splurge on a ticket.

  • I finished 3 audio books while I played. ::twinkle::
  • Although it was a bit of a scramble, it was nice, nice, nice to be able to invite reader friends (or be invited by them) to participate in raids. I now have So Much rare candy. Must distribute strategically. ::plots::
  • My longtime Pokemon buddy (Lucario) earned his “Best Buddy” badge yesterday, so I nicknamed him Sempai. He’s had to step back so I can walk with some of my new (shiny) Go Fest acquisitions, but his place at my side is assured.
  • Did I mention shinies? I caught at least a dozen. (Not sure on the exact count, but the thrill will never get old.)
  • Most notable, I somehow managed to catch what I’ve long considered the holy grail of shiny Pokemon, a golden Magicarp. ::swoon:: I actually named her Grail.

Screencapped a few for y’all. I’d share more, but they’re off defending gyms at the moment. And do you REALLY want me to bore you with a slide show?

Three Shiny

Do you name your pokemon? When I single out strong ones to train up, I generally give them names at that time. For example, the shiny Growlithe/Arcanine was immediately dubbed Kinpatsu (Japanese for blond). And Marimo (Sanji’s nickname for Zoro in One Piece) was a no-brainer for my shiny Tangela.

As always, if you also play Pokemon GO and you want to friend me, email me your friend code @ always.forthright at gmail dot com.

… and now, back to writing.