Post Fest Post

#PokemonGOFest2020 took up most of my weekend, and in the nicest way. I had fun, which was my only real goal. I’ve never experienced the like, and I’m glad I decided to splurge on a ticket.

  • I finished 3 audio books while I played. ::twinkle::
  • Although it was a bit of a scramble, it was nice, nice, nice to be able to invite reader friends (or be invited by them) to participate in raids. I now have So Much rare candy. Must distribute strategically. ::plots::
  • My longtime Pokemon buddy (Lucario) earned his “Best Buddy” badge yesterday, so I nicknamed him Sempai. He’s had to step back so I can walk with some of my new (shiny) Go Fest acquisitions, but his place at my side is assured.
  • Did I mention shinies? I caught at least a dozen. (Not sure on the exact count, but the thrill will never get old.)
  • Most notable, I somehow managed to catch what I’ve long considered the holy grail of shiny Pokemon, a golden Magicarp. ::swoon:: I actually named her Grail.

Screencapped a few for y’all. I’d share more, but they’re off defending gyms at the moment. And do you REALLY want me to bore you with a slide show?

Three Shiny

Do you name your pokemon? When I single out strong ones to train up, I generally give them names at that time. For example, the shiny Growlithe/Arcanine was immediately dubbed Kinpatsu (Japanese for blond). And Marimo (Sanji’s nickname for Zoro in One Piece) was a no-brainer for my shiny Tangela.

As always, if you also play Pokemon GO and you want to friend me, email me your friend code @ always.forthright at gmail dot com.

… and now, back to writing.

5 thoughts on “Post Fest Post

  1. Thanks for playing!! ❤️
    I name some Pokemon if they have perfect stats or are shiny, but mostly I give them names to remind me what their attacks are (Like my Arcanine named Thundercat). 😅

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  2. I do that sometimes! I have a Purrserker named “Rough” (knows Play Rough).

    I’ve noticed that some of my friends are using an intriguing system of tagging for their Pokemon names. I’m going to research it one of these days. To understand it, if not to adopt it.


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