FAQ: Amaranthine Saga

Who’s Curious? As people are finding out about the upcoming original series, there have been questions. I can (and do) answer them, but those answers are scattered across assorted PMs, review replies, and several comment threads here on my blog. So we’ll do a few FAQ posts leading up to release day (February 22). I’ll also collect some of these questions and answers in the comments over on this site’s Amaranthine Saga tab.

Is it true that the books are linked to your fanfiction?

Yes. For readers familiar with my stories, the ties will be obvious. I’ve borrowed from several of my favorites, taking pieces of their plots or settings and adapting them to fit into the Amaranthine universe. But I don’t simply retell those stories. They’ve become something new.

Which fanfics will you use?

I’m keeping that a secret because it’ll make upcoming reveals more fun.

Will Sesshoumaru and Kagome be there?

In adapting my fics, one of the biggest revisions I had to make was to the main characters. No one wants to read seven versions of SxK … oh, wait. That’s exactly why we read fanfiction! However, in building the Amaranthine universe, I needed a new cast. Some of you will probably still try to back-hack my writing. “I found Miroku!” or “She might as well have named him Inuyasha.” But if I do my job right, the stories will take on a life of their own.

Why did you label Book 1 “the first miko”?

Are all of the main characters in your series shrine priestesses? No. While this certainly hints at the legacy of Japanese culture that helped inspire my fandom storylines, miko refers to the main characters’ first names. Book One is about Tsumiko. In Book Two, I’ll introduce Kimiko. Book Three’s story belongs to a lady named Tamiko… and so on.

More questions? Ask away!

7 thoughts on “FAQ: Amaranthine Saga

  1. Hi! Two quick questions…. I see you have a February release date. Will book 1 be available through amazon or Barnes and noble? And if so, is there a chance to preorder? Or will I need to just check into stores until I find it?? So excited!! (For me to read and for you to publish!)

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    • 1) Yes, the book will be available through all the places you can buy books online. That includes both Amazon and B&N.

      2) Pre-orders could happen, depending on how long it takes the printer to process the title. I’ll keep a close eye on that myself and do a blog post once Tsumiko starts showing up on virtual bookshelves.


  2. You’ve mentioned that our beloved Hisoka-sensei will be a character in this series. I don’t know if you can answer these without spoiling but if I may ask: Will he still have the same name and still be a cat demon? And does he appear in the first book or will he come later in the series? Apologies if these questions have been asked before and I did not see them.

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    • Okay! I can give a spoiler-free answer to this because a lot of what you need to know is in the story summary.

      I set my story in a brand new “universe,” so I messed with the particulars. Instead of demons/youkai, there is a race of people called the Amaranthine. “…They are our myths and legends come to life. Neither human nor animal, yet embracing qualities of both, the inhuman races inspire both awe and fear.”

      To answer your question… yes! You’ll know your beloved sensei at a glance. Hisoka Twineshaft is a member of the cat clans, and he retains his pewter pelt and orange eyes. In fact, after many centuries teaching at the reaver academy, he’s affectionately referred to as Sensei by many of his former students.


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