Lord Charming: Curbing

I’m sometimes asked to explain references in Lord Charming because the reader doesn’t remember details I wrote about months (or even years) ago. Most of the time, I recommend a reread. Stories have more impact when they’re happening. Explaining what happened is just so … anticlimactic. But I have to sympathize with this reader because “curbing” was coined back in 2012.

In a review for Lord Charming, Chapter 692, “They Waited,”  Kalaharia wrote:

Okay for the life of me I cant remember what curbing means. Could you possibly explain?

Rather than explain, I’ll take you back to the pertinent chapters:

Chapter 335: So Very

Kenta inhaled deeply, and his expression grew cautious. “Your lord keeps you close.”

Kagome could feel a blush coming on. “Erm… yeah.”

He chose his next words with great delicacy. “Has he imposed himself in an unwanted manner?”

This question again? Are all dogs this protective of their females, or are these two extra-specially chivalrous? With a bright smile, Kagome said, “Nope. Sesshoumaru-sama is as nice as you.”

“You honor me with your trust, but he and I are not the same.” Kenta leaned close enough to cause her eyes to cross and whispered, “Your lord keeps you very close.”

Chapter 336: No Excuses

She dropped her gaze and mumbled, “Only because he can’t help himself.”

Kenta growled. “Is that what he told you?”

“N-no!” Kagome stammered. “But that’s how it is with dogs.”

“That’s a lie.” Silver eyes narrowed. “Even someone as lowborn as I can curb his instincts.”

“Then why would Sesshoumaru-sama…?”

“If I were responsible for a lady poised to rise, I’d hold her close and never let her go to another.”

Waitaminute! Kagome’s gaze darted to the archway. “Do you mean Chou-sama?”

He grimaced. “Don’t read too much int–”

She crooned in sympathetic delight. “You’re totally curbing for her!”

There you have it! ::twinkle:: Does that “define” curbing well enough?


4 thoughts on “Lord Charming: Curbing

  1. I also recommend the reread! It’s great getting the 100-word updates, but it really takes reading it all together to get the whole story with the right feel. Plus, every time you read it again, you see something a little different, notice something you missed before or see the foreshadowing for what it was back then when it was just a sentence you breezed past. I’ve done it at least a dozen times at this point. Unspoiled and Pale Shadows are two more that I can’t stop rereading. Oh, and Counting the Hours and… … . Yeah, I highly endorse the reread recommendation on just about all of the stories!

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