Lord Charming FAQ

Q. Will you make your chapters longer?
A. Nope. I’m fond of the 100-word “perfect drabble” format, and I’m sticking with it for this story.

Q. Do you know how many chapters will be in Lord Charming?
A. Nope. But once I get close to the end of the story, I’ll aim to finish on a nice, round number.

Q. Do you know where you’re going with the story?
A. Yes. This is the course I’d set for Lord Charming right from the beginning.

Q. I’m confused. Why don’t you ever explain what’s happening?
A. Short chapters don’t leave me any room for recap. If backing up and rereading a few chapters doesn’t clear up your confusion, sit tight. There’s a good chance the answer will be in an upcoming chapter. Totally lost? I suggest a full re-read.

Q. You’ve been telling this story since forever. How much time has actually passed for the characters?
A. If you go back to the very beginning of Lord Charming, you’ll find that Sesshoumaru’s “invitation” was for a month-long stint at his mom’s castle (from full moon to full moon). The bulk of the story took place over three weeks, but now we’re skimming along much faster (relatively speaking). Pay close attention. Passing references to the moon, the seasons, or the setting will indicate how much time has lapsed or which era we’re in.

Q. You keep mentioning characters I don’t remember. Who are they?
A. Here’s a quick rundown to refresh your memory:

  • Yuji was the Inu no Taishou’s right hand man and Sesshoumaru’s former swordsmanship teacher. Details about his role in their pack are revealed here and there. Yuji died in a skirmish between the dogs and dragons, and in avenging his friend, the Great Dog General was mortally wounded by Ryuukotsusei. [To refresh your memory, back up to chapter 134, “Ideal Mate,” which kicks off the pertinent passages.]
  • Lord Hideki, a.k.a. Storyteller-sama, is the head of one of the inu-youkai clans. He’s a contemporary of the Inu no Taishou, making him an old friend. Hideki is a big fan of the Saga and sings it during the demoness’ absence. A widower, he hoped the Western Lady will rise, but she refuses to lead a chase.
  • Kenta, a.k.a. Mr. Nice Guy, appears in the role of servant to Chou-sama. He may not have impressive markings or pedigree, but he distinguishes himself as an archer.
  • Chou is the catch of the season, an ideal match for the heir of the West.
  • Hanako is one of Chou’s two friends, an ambitious bitch who enjoys trysting more than a lady should.
  • Fumiko is Chou’s other friend, a coattail rider who relies on flattery and imitation to gain the attention she desperately craves.


8 thoughts on “Lord Charming FAQ

  1. Ooh! A character list. I would like to add one more thing about Fumiko. To attain Western Lord’s attention she once bit his ear XD. I really do not care how many chapters there will be. As long as Forthy sama continues updating I am glued to my pc screen. Well now that Lord Charming has more chapters than Sesshoumaru’s age let’s make it a millenia. But please no more year long absence please Forthy sama. Because you promised to update Savvy after this and I am patiently waiting for your other fics too Clumsy, Counting the Hours and Affinity are top on list among them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve made room in my daily routine for fandom fun, so I’ll be around. And I’m excited to tackle those other stories, too. So much to look forward to! ::twinkle::


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  3. Hello! I’ve been following and reading Lord Charming for a really long time now, and I just noticed it was rated teen today. (I know I’m a spaz ha)I’m kind of devistated because I think that means we won’t get a lemon? This story is so amazing, and the tension has been building in the story for so long! Ha ha Please tell me we will get a lemon, or at least can go to an alternate place to read if you cut it from the main fic? Thanks for all the updates!!

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  4. Forthy! I’ve just finished rereading Lord Charming. Loved it, but I’m confused about some things. Why was Kagome leaving for the Feudal era in time for the Moon of Chase when there was one more Moon to go and (if I understood correctly) the courtship wasn’t technically over? Did Kagome ever get an answer to “Why me?” (chapter 400, 634) Kagome drops her pack in chapter 543, when does she get it back? What are the scrolls Gramps was questioning Sesshoumaru about in chapter 640, and were the missing pages about the “scandal of poor Kagome being outnumbered by two Sesshoumarus” (plus two years of other records that may or may not be related)? Thanks! ^_^


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